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Music Releases 06-02-23

Artist Title Price Video
Foo Fighters But Here We Are [White LP] New Vinyl: $26.14
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds Council Skies [LP+7in] New Vinyl: $40.22
Ben Folds What Matters Most [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Autographed Color LP] New Vinyl: $45.25
Rancid Tomorrow Never Comes [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Eco-Mix LP] New Vinyl: $26.14
Avenged Sevenfold Life Is But A Dream [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Cobalt Blue 2LP] New Vinyl: $40.22
Beach Fossils Bunny [Powder Blue LP] New Vinyl: $25.13
Bully Lucky For You [LP] New Vinyl: $25.13
Jack Johnson In Between Dub [LP] New Vinyl: $37.20
Norah Jones Little Broken Hearts: Reissue [Deluxe 3LP] New Vinyl: $80.46
Purr Who Is Afraid Of Blue? [LP] New Vinyl: $24.12
Kenny Rogers Life Is Like A Song [LP] New Vinyl: $28.15
Tom Waits Closing Time: 50th Anniversary [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Clear 2LP] New Vinyl: $32.17
Neil Frances There Is No Neil Frances [Clear LP] New Vinyl: $29.15
Bob Dylan Shadow Kingdom [2LP] New Vinyl: $35.19
Ghost Prequelle [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Tangerine LP] New Vinyl: $25.13
Half Moon Run Salt New CD: $15.07
Ruen Brothers Ten Paces [Limited Edition Yellow LP] New Vinyl: $29.15
Hollywood Vampires Live in Rio [2LP] New Vinyl: $36.20
Rival Sons DARKFIGHTER New CD: $15.07
Jake Shears Last Man Dancing [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Orange Marble LP] New Vinyl: $36.20
Ben Harper Wide Open Light [LP] New Vinyl: $30.16
The Revivalists Pour It Out Into The Night [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Sun Marble LP] New Vinyl: $25.13
Rufus Wainwright Folkocracy [LP] New Vinyl: $40.22
Protomartyr Formal Growth In The Desert [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Blue LP] New Vinyl: $30.16

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