Live At Perthshire Amber


Format: CD
Catalog: 2
Genre: Reggae/World
Rel. Date: 04/19/2011
UPC: 880992144469

Live At Perthshire Amber
Artist: Julie Fowlis
Format: CD
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1. Ho Bha Mi, He Bha Mi (Ho I Was, He I Was) (Live)
2. M' Fhearann Saidhbhir (My Land Is Rich) / Nellie Garvey's / 'g Ioman Nan Gamhan 's Mi Muladach / Jerry's Pip
3. Oganaich Uir A Rinn M' Fhagail (O Noble Youth Who Has Left Me) (Live)
4. A Chatrion' Og (Young Catriona) (Live)
5. Tha Brogan Ur Agam A-Nochd (I Have New Shoes Tonight) / The Cat And The Dog / Mu Chuachag 's Laghach Thu (My Beloved You Are
6. Lon-Dubh (Blackbird) (Live)
7. Turas San Lochmor (Journey In The Lochmor) (Live)
8. Biodh An Deoch Seo 'n Laimh Mo Ruin (This Drink Would Be In The Hand Of My Love) (Live)
9. Tunes Set: The Thatcher / Peter Byrne's / The Soup Dragon / Isaac's Welcome To The World (Live)
10. Rugadh Mi 'teis Meadhan Na Mara (Me Zo Ganet E Kreiz Er Mor / I Was Born In The Midst Of The Sea) (Live)
11. Hug Air A' Bhonaid Mhoir (Celebrate The Great Bonnet) (Live)
12. Tunes And Puirt-A-Buel Set: Thornton Jig / Chloe's Passion / Are You Ready Yet? / 's Toigh Leam Fhin Buntata 's Im /
13. Pabay Mor (Featuring Dougie Maclean) (Live)