Le Nouvel Hippodrome Paris Nov (Uk)


Format: CD
Label: GONZO
Rel. Date: 12/02/2014
UPC: 5060230864129

Le Nouvel Hippodrome Paris Nov (Uk)
Artist: Captain Beefheart
Format: CD
New: Available 24.98

Available Formats and Editions


1. Hair Pie: Bake III (Live)
2. Suction Prints (Live)
3. Low Yo Yo Stuff (Live)
4. Bat Chain Puller (Live)
5. I Wanna Find A Woman That'll Hold My Toe 'till I Have To Go (Live)
6. Abba Zaba (Live)
7. Dali's Car (Live)
8. One Nest Rolls After Another (Live)
9. The Dust Blows Forward And The Dust Blows Back (Live)
10. Nowadays A Woman's Got To Hit A Man (Live)
11. Click Clack (Live)
12. Grow Fins (Live)
13. Golden Birdies (Live)


1. Electricity (Live)
2. A Carrot Is As Close As A Rabbit Gets To A Diamond (Live)
3. China Pig (Live)
4. Sun Zoom Spark (Live)
5. My Human Gets Me Blues (Live)
6. Floppy Boot Stomp (Live)
7. Moonlight On Vermont (Live)
8. Carson City (Live)
9. Old Black Snake (Live)
10. Pachuco Cadaver (Live)
11. Veteran's Day Poppy/Band Intro (Live)
12. The Blimp (Live)
13. Big Eyed Beans From Venus (Live)