Prey For Eyes


Format: CD
Catalog: 14629
Rel. Date: 07/24/2007
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Prey For Eyes
Artist: Red Chord
Format: CD
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The Red Chord are on the road almost constantly'"death metal tours with Cannibal Corpse, with hardcore legends Converge, on Ozzfest, with anyone who'll take them it seems. Between all that touring and the writing and recording of the new Red Chord album Prey for Eyes, vocalist Guy Kozowyk finds the time to run Black Market Activities. BMA's got a name guaranteed to get you on a government watchlist and more than a few worthwhile bands. Ed Gein, from Syracuse, do math metal with an authentic backwoods-psycho atmosphere on Judas Goats and Diesel Eaters. Engineer haven't released their BMA debut yet, but in the meantime Reproach will make fans of the Melvins and Midwestern noise rock happy. Behold' the Arctopus live at the outer limits of prog metal, writing impossibly technical instrumental freakouts that demand to be collected under titles like Nano-Nucleonic Cyborg Summoning. The Red Chord themselves have wrapped Prey for Eyes in detailed artwork from Paul Romano and unveiled a couple of new songs as vicious as anything on predecessor Clients'"of course, by playing them live. They never stop.