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RSD Black Friday 2020 Wishlist and Procedures

RSD Black Friday 2020 Wishlist and Procedures

RSD Black Friday Mills Record Company Wishlist - Download and Print Here!

Order Online 11.27 at NOON (CST) Here

Our new Pandemic RSD Procedure was largely created from your feedback, ideas from other stores, and suggestions from our staff. You will have questions and we will be here for them, so please feel free to call, email, or drop in with any questions or concerns. We did not cut back on orders this year, and our goal is to continue to overwhelm you with our great RSD offerings, just with a little different pace.

Alright, here ya go:

  1. Store is open from 7am to 7pm, but with changes. 
  2. From 7-10 am, we'll personally shop for your Record Store Day releases (as store access will be limited). You will use our wishlist form and fill it out prior to 7 am or before your arrival, and MRC staff will pick your selections for you. Then, you'll check out at registers spaced for social distancing. We encourage you to fill out your wishlist before getting in line, but we will have them at the store as well. Bring your own pen. Please keep in mind that you may not get everything on your list and there might be release changes, just as in all RSD events.
  3. As usual, one copy per person only. For fairness sake, multiple purchases of the same release is prohibited.
  4. Strictly first come, first served--no customer reservations. Again, standard RSD guidlelines.
  5. Obviously, there will be no live performances, and no food and alcohol provided, or brought in allowed that day. Please be advised, there will be no bathroom access (as in all days til Covid is resolved.)
  6. We adhere to CDC guidelines, which require staying home if feeling sick, maintaining strict 6 feet of distance from others, and correctly wearing a face covering in store at all times.
  7. Starting at 10 am, all remaining/unsold Record Store Day releases will be made available for in-store browsing. All remaining Record Store Day releases will be available for sale on our website starting at 1pm check at noon though just in case.
  8. As our store is 6,000 sq ft, we have decided to keep the store capacity at 40 occupants to ensure safety for all. Once we open the store to browsing at 10, we will have 7 RSD stations setup and will allow them to be shopped by two people at a time with a 30 minute time limit. If there are issues with not keeping 6 feet distance, observing the RSD station 2-person capacity restrictions, not keeping your nose covered, or any other safety concerns, we will be very comfortable asking people to leave.
  9. FINAL NOTE: How well this works will determine future RSD Drops procedures for September, October, and the upcoming Black Friday. If everyone is cautious, safe, and courteous, we are happy to go forward with this process for future RSD Drops. And also, happy to change the rules to ensure the practice of caution and safety with minimal patrolling on our part. 

We know this is different and maybe a little weird (pretty much sums up life right now, yeah?). We typically serve ~600 customers on Record Store Day (around 50 people an hour), and we feel that the best way for us to keep it healthy, stay open, and provide you with the service you've come to expect is to commit to this system.

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