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Reviews 4/24/20

Reviews 4/24/20

Lucinda Williams - “Good Souls Better Angels”

Williams gravel laced vocals transport you to the beer drenched saloons of your dreams. Her latest is a terrific edition to a legendary career; the Americana singer/songwriter can stun you with the heaviest hitter (“Wakin’ Up” & “Bone of Contention”) or the whispered heartbreaker (“Big Black Train” & “Shadows & Doubts”). Good Souls Better Angels sneaks up with a simmering slow burn to explode with fantastic fire.

Hazel English - “Wake Up!”

Polyvinyl Records has a knack for hazy pop and Hazel English’s debut LP immediately takes you to a dreamier time and place. Vibes reminiscent to Cults first two albums, Wake Up! is begging to be played at full volume with the windows down. Let the sun wash over you and this album become your summer soundtrack.

Other Lives - “For Their Love”

Indie rock with a folky lean and cinematic flair (did I just wake up in a Western?). Mellow and cool delivery over surging guitars and strings with brass always seeming to fill any open space left over. Fans of Destroyer should love this.

Kali Uchis - “To Feel Alive” EP

Not a physical release for this yet, but after LOVING 2018’s Isolation (an absolute hit in the store still) I had to mention this. Four tracks that run only ten short minutes, but the world needs more Kali Uchis so I’ll take it. She has one of the best voices in existence and her instrumentals are so smooth. Just what I needed to feel alive.

Reviews by Nathan Cardiff

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