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Reviews 4/17/20

Reviews 4/17/20

Shabazz Palaces - “The Don of Diamond Dreams”

After 2017’s Quazarz double feature, Shabazz Palaces return with their signature experimental hip-hop. The beats are fantastic, the samples endlessly catchy. Weird little flourishes pop up throughout to keep you on your toes, always keeping it exciting. Moody and cool, Shabazz Palaces add another hit to their repertoire.

RJD2 - “The Fun Ones”

You want a little bit of everything on you record? RJD2 can do that. Jazzy, and eclectic, this is the dance around the house record you’ve been waiting for. Hip-hop vocal led tracks are interspersed among the instrumentals to keep the energy going for nearly an hour. A lot of fun; never a dull moment.

EOB - “Earth”

Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien gets to take center stage on his constantly evolving rock record. He gives us a little bit of pop; some electronic; some acoustic guitar based tracks. A shape shifting record refuses to be pinned down.

Fiona Apple - “Fetch The Bolt Cutters”

Not released on physical media yet, but must be mentioned: WOW. This album is on another level. Eight long years away may have resulted in Apple’s absolute masterpiece. Do not ignore this record, it’s an instant classic.

Reviews by Nathan Cardiff

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