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National Review Round-Up: 4/10/20

National Review Round-Up: 4/10/20

The Strokes - “The New Abnormal”

They’re back! Almost twenty years since Is This It and The Strokes return from their longest hiatus (just barely) between albums with The New Abnormal. They’ve gained a wisdom and calm in their brand of garage rock. Julian Casablancas coos his way over slick guitars and fuzzy synths. What more could you want?

Jackie Lynn - “Jacqueline”

Haley Fohr (Circuit Des Yeux) teams with Bitchin Bajas for her latest Jackie Lynn release. Offering dark and dancey tunes (“Casino Queen”), thumping blues rock (“Shugar Water”), and almost magical tracks (“Lenexa”), Jacqueline is an odyssey in under forty minutes. An eclectic and wild trip.

Watkins Family Hour - “Brother Sister”

Soft, light music is welcome when the days only seem to get heavier. Watkins Family Band give us some more beautiful folk and at times with a racing pulse. In equal measure than can serenade with a quiet fiddle and guitar or sprint to the finish with the same instruments. All with wonderful harmonies throughout.

Reviews by Nathan Cardiff

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