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National Review Round-Up: 4/3/20

National Review Round-Up: 4/3/20

Yves Tumor - “Heaven To A Tortured Mind”

The only energy I want to have the rest of the year. Following up 2018’s Safe in the Hands of Love, an experimental odyssey, Yves Tumor knocks down the fucking door with his latest. Every single (“Kerosene!,” “Gospel for a New Century,” “Romanticist/Dream Palette”) rocked harder than the last. Slick and addictive, the best vibe to get through a day. 

Anna Burch - “If You’re Dreaming”

Gentle and calm, Anna Burch brings ease with every note on her sophomore release for Polyvinyl. If You’re Dreaming has that hazy glow of pop beauty, a fuzziness of comfort and a warmth that is wrapped tight. Burch’s delivery is truly the most tremendous part; her harmonies provide the soothing element that lets this record really become dreamy.

Thundercat - “It Is What It Is”

Silly, fun, and endlessly catchy; the new Thundercat album provides terrific beats with lovely smooth falsetto on top. Great cameos on tracks like “Black Qualls” keep the record fresh throughout. The back half of It Is What It Is gives a mellow reprieve to help calm the senses.

Purity Ring - “WOMB”

Purity Ring has toe’d the line between their glitchy electronic work and out-and-out pop sounds throughout their discography; what they’ve never lacked is passion. Their latest is chillingly cool, sharp as can be, and oozing with energy. It begs for hot summer nights.

Tops - “I Feel Alive”

Breezy and dreamy with bursts of electronic pop, the latest from Tops is just like heaven. Their brand of soft rock loses all irony giving it a timeless quality. Was this released Friday or in another decade? And the title track is all I’ve had on repeat this weekend.

Deeper - “Auto-Pain”

Piggy-backing on Dylan’s thoughts from the latest IGTV; this record rips. Jangly, jolting guitars, spastic drums, yelping vocals all add up to perfectly moody, yet somehow danceable music. I’ll take all the attitude they got.

Reviews by Nathan Cardiff

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