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REVIEW: Moaning - "Uneasy Laughter"

REVIEW: Moaning -

Moaning - Uneasy Laughter

Review by Nathan Cardiff

LA trio Moaning seemed like the moodiest band of 2018. Their self-titled Sub Pop debut was a relentlessly furious, guitar driven rocker that landed in my top 5 album list that year. Even when they let moments of synth take over, it was only a matter of time before the drums and guitar would come crashing in and get ROWDY. On the sophomore LP (once again on Sub Pop), Uneasy Laughter, the mood is big again but they’ve leaned farther over into a darkwave, goth rock direction. The guitars are still here, but they live under a wash of synth and ice cold beats. 

They also take time to breathe on Uneasy Laughter; it clocks in at just over ten minutes longer than the S/T but it’s the addition of interludes and creepingly calculated pulse compared to a full-on sprint. Don’t let that beautiful blue cover fool you; they make it darker. A glistening record dipped in the coolest vibe.

FAVORITE TRACKS: “Stranger,” “Connect The Dots,” & “Saving Face”

RIYL: Drab Majesty, Magical Cloudz/Devon Welsh

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