Yes You Are, Via Luna, Vigil & Thieves, Yore @ Californo’s

Summertime in Kansas City means outdoor shows. There’s something about the tempering effect the evening has that makes these events, whether they’re an outdoor festival, a patio show, or impromptu porch gathering, something magical. And this Saturday at Californo’s will be one of the most magical this summer yet. Via Luna, Vigil & Thieves, and Yore will join Yes You Are for fantastic night of well crafted indie pop.

Via Luna makes some of the finest jangling indie pop in Kansas City right now. Fragmented yet coherent, the band layers delayed augmented leads with manic bass lines and driving percussion to make indie pop as saccharine as it is complex. Whether the band rides their taut jams without vocals or creates a chorus of vocalizations over hazy textures, Via Luna knows how to build a song that vibrates with energy. From their most jittering to their mellowest riffs, the band never ceases to arrest their listeners with their aural tapestries.

Moving in the same vein, Yore takes all the complexity of Via Luna and strips it down to a semi-acoustic sound. Taking equally from Bon Iver, Purity Ring, and The Tallest Man on Earth, the band bends the conventions of indie folk to create songs that stay barbed with ethereal hooks without losing their finger-plucked guitar lines in the mix. The layering of dense vocal and instrumental melodies gives their songs a density uncommon in most indie folk–a quality that sets the band apart from their counterparts both in terms of structure and sound. Yore makes music that is truly unique.

Vigil & Thieves leans more toward the body forward brand of indie pop. Distorted rhythm guitars create a base for their vocalist to soar above. Sounding like a less manufactured Paramore, Vigil & Thieves makes music that demands the body respond to their driving lead lines and vocal intensity. Whereas other bands in their genre reiterate the same troupes and themes, Vigil & Thieves wax lyrical in a weirder fashion–belting out emotions more complicated than love or loss without losing their bite. With a stage show that is as powerful as their recorded material, Vigil & Thieves is not an act to miss.

What can be said about Yes You Are that hasn’t already been said? The five piece makes narratively and musically complex pop music. Taking the production quality that makes the biggest pop songs acoustically perfect and the passion that gives the best indie bands that je ne sais quois aspect that elevates them beyond pure instrumentation, Yes You Are’s music splits the difference between the anthemic and introspective. With the skill to recreate the quality of their recordings on stage, Yes You Are burns through their sets with such a commanding presence that it is hard to watch them without moving one’s own body.

The concert will be a perfect way to catch Via Luna, Vigil & Thieves, Yore, and Yes You Are on Californo’s idyllic patio. The concert starts at 8pm. Don’t miss it!

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