Witch Jail 7″ Release With Shortsweather @ Mills Record Company

This Friday, Too Much Rock will continue its 7″ series with Witch Jail’s debut on wax, Slimewave USA. To celebrate, Witch Jail will take the stage at Mills Record Company, joined by Shortsweather, for a night of danceable punk and distortion-rich dreampop. Is there a better way to kick off the weekend before Valentine’s Day (or any weekend for that matter)? I think not.

Shortsweather lands squarely within the current dreampop revival. With hazy instrumentals that jangle under their layers and layers of effects, Shortsweather’s music finds a way to keep its tensions close to its surface without losing the carefree feel of pop. The band’s latest single, “Fit Dads,” meshes the dreamy vibes of Wild Nothing and the surfy textures of Surfer Blood. The band’s infectiousness doesn’t end with their leads and rhythms. Diffusing lyrics that are elegant in their simplicity, Shortsweather continually pleases at every moment in their songs.

“Fit Dads” is a track whose leads are bold, whose rhythms are coy, and whose lyrics are deeply affective despite their aloofness. Shortsweather seems to push their sound continually. Moving from their last single to this one, there is a noticeable amount of refinement. At this pace, the band is poised to be your new favorite dreampop act.


Eschewing the layering plod of dreampop, Witch Jail uses angularity and disjunction to create some of the oddest and most fun songs being made in Kansas City right now. Slimewave, USA (the EP) is full of punky riffs and new wave vocal hooks, making the EP positively magnetizing. Indeed, Witch Jail’s hooks come from the way the band is able to weave together their myriad of influences as if by magic into, if not completely coherent, extremely emotive bursts of sound.

And these bursts of sound twist and turn like a body around a cauldron. “Slimewave, USA” (the single being released) rolls together elements of DEVO, B-52s, and Red Elvis to make something that sounds, on the whole, nothing like its influences. Lyrically, the song jitters associative for a track that not so much unfurls as it shatters. “Slimewave, USA” is the hot and fast single needed to move the weather from winter into Spring.

But the band isn’t all carefree fun. “Sin In The Suburbs” spins like a swampy blues rendition of Anthony Badalamenti’s “Pink Room.” Dark and brooding, the track is a slow boil, leaving its listeners arrested by its grimy beauty, by its murky narratives.

Besides having wonderful music on record, both Shortsweather and Witch Jail put on powerful shows. This Friday’s single release party starts at 7pm and is the surefire way to start the weekend off right–with local music played at high volume.

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