I Heart Music’s SXSW Bound This Weekend

This weekend, The Jackpot Saloon will host I Heart Local Music’s fundraiser, SXSW Bound. The concert will last two days (27th and 28th) and the proceeds will go to help send the participating bands to SXSW to represent the Kansas City and Lawrence area (and basically show the national music world what we already know–namely that we’ve got some of the best bands around).

Both dates boast an eclectic line-up. Mixing The Bad Ideas‘ cross-punk with Tyler Gregory‘s & Nicholas St. James‘ folk like no other on Friday, and Gnarly Davidson‘s sludgy rock with Spencer Mackenzie Brown‘s slick indie pop on Saturday (and much more on both dates), the mini-festival is sure to have something for everyone to enjoy while helping these bands take the next step in their music careers–plus at $3 a ticket there’s nothing to lose. Still not convinced? Let me detail some of the bands you’ll see.

The newest member to The Record Machine, Westerners, make noisy and catchy indie pop rock. The band blends folk elements with blues-rooted rock to create songs that sound like a scientist spliced together the genes of Dr. Dog, Neil Young, and The Black Angels to create a love child better than the some of its parts.

As mentioned above, The Bad Ideas will be there shredding like the punks they are. Part pop-riff manglers, part hardcore revivalists, the band makes music that is aggressive and fun without giving preference to either.

Bruiser Queen, a garage pop band from St. Louis, blurs the line between punk and pop in the best ways. The duo has all the drive of acts like The Donnas or Le Tigre with more complexity and a fuller sound. They take the sounds that defined my high school days and make it new again.

Tyler Gregory & Nicholas St. James are both fantastic musicians and performers in their own right. But together they are sure to pack a wallop. Tyler Gregory’s stripped down folk is masterful and chilling at times. Nicholas St. James sounds like Dan Deacon gave up his electronics for a banjo and a jug. Each musician is a master of his domain, so their collaboration is sure to make music that is weird and wonderful.

Saturday’s line-up will include The Sluts will light things up as they usually do. The unrelenting punk duo makes songs that are hard and hazy and ready for the stage. Straddled between grungy distortion and punk rolls, The Sluts deliver both in their recordings and on the stage.

Gnarly Davidson mixes a Sleep-like deep droning sludge with an Every Time I Die-esque refusal to stay still. The result is rock. The band seemingly has a simple mission: make music that shakes you to your core. And they accomplish this mission again and again.

Spencer Mackenzie Brown makes alt-country that sits well within the boundary of the indie pop made popular by Bon Iver or Mumford & Sons. Slightly scratched vocals give this guitarist a vulnerable sound that fits well with the songs that he writes, which are poppy without becoming saccharine.

Some come out either or both nights and see some music that represents some of the best talent we have in Kansas City right now while supporting the local music scene on their treks to SXSW. The fundraiser will be all day both days and is sure to be something not to miss.

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