We Are Voices Release Year I

We Are Voices released one of my favorite albums of 2012, Tread Lightly. The soft, yet immensely dynamic twelve track album carried with it contemporary indie hits that are beyond catchy, songs with extended instrumental movements, and songs that boasted only acoustic sounds.


Last Friday night, June 27th, the quartet released their first installment of their new project, appropriately titled Year, to a select crowd at the Riot Room. But tomorrow, Year I, which consists of two new singles and one music video, will be┬áreleased exclusively through the band’s website to the public.

Year is a project that the band has embarked on that will consist of four installments: Year I, Year II, Year III, and Year IIII. Every three months, a few new singles and a new music video will debut. This will also be the only time to catch the band live – save a performance at the Riot Room opening for Meg Myers.

Year I begins with a ┬ácharming number entitled Tear Me Apart, and ends with the chiller Disappear. Both songs carry with them the classical elements of a We Are Voices track – the clear-cut drums, the breathy vocals, and charged guitars. The music video is for the song Tear Me Apart and is available now on We Are Voices’ website; the songs will go up tomorrow – July 1st. Feel free to stream them, or download them. After three months they will be replaced.

Check out the band’s website here.

Tear Me Apart from w e . a r e . v o i c e s on Vimeo.

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