Temples In Mills Record Company

In case you haven’t heard, Temples is slated to play an intimate show at Mills Record Company next Saturday. For the price of their new album, Volcano, you can reserve your spot in the store to hear your favorite English rockers get down. While the album doesn’t come out until March 3rd, seeing Temples play an in store (did I mention they weren’t playing anywhere else in Kansas City?) is the next best thing to having that cotton candy colored wax spinning under the needle.

Judging from the two singles the band has released, Volcano will be far synthy-er than their debut, Sun Structures. That said, despite the twinkling leads and whispering pads, there’s still the trademark light-psych element that twists Temples’ otherwise straightforward indie pop into something miraculous. The first released of these singles, “Certainty,” is built from a dirty, bass-heavy arpeggio. This rhythmic base grinds through the song like little combustion engine–stirring out the electric leads and leaving enough room for the vocals to diffuse their lushness into the mix.

The two singles sound like M83 travelled back in time to give The Animals their Moogs and Korgs or like The Beatles travelled forward in time to teach EDM robots how to play the sitar. Temples’ ability to fold so naturally one aesthetic into another is as staggering as the songs that come out of this balancing act. “Strange or Be Forgotten” is an upbeat anthem that seems structured to be a soundtrack to a summer road trip. That the band doesn’t allow their new sound to overpower their natural inclination toward hook and melody is evident in these songs and all but guarantees a slick album.

And as shown in the above video, Temples puts on a live show that is second to none. With a presence that gives depth and life to their already layered and dense songs, the band will leave even the most jaded concert-goer with hope for the future of music. If you love Temples, then I can think of no better place than to catch them tucked in your favorite local record store–truly the perfect setting to get a preview of their new synth-driven psy-pop.

But space is limited. In order to reserve a spot, all you need to do is pre-order Volcano–which will be the limited indie version (pressed on cotton candy wax). A chance to catch some of the most dynamic rockers on this side of the pond and beyond AND a record that is as beautiful as the songs that hide within its grooves?! Who could ask for more? I certainly couldn’t. So stop into Mills Record Company to preorder this bad mama jama so you can rest assured that Saturday 2/18 will be a day to spend with Temples. Hurry! You only have a week left.

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