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If 6LACK‘s debut, FREE 6LACK, says anything it’s that 1) Atlanta is the new Motown and 2) once a sad RnB singer makes it, another comes up who is sadder and moodier. FREE 6LACK follows the same grimy RnB put forth by Abra but with a distinctively self-reflexive vibe. When Abra skews sensual, 6LACK focuses instead on […]


The Flatbush Zombies Take Us on a Laced Odyssey

The Flatbush Zombies spit a fine line. One the one hand, the trio’s music is disjunctive, dark, and all around strange. On the other, it unwinds incredibly smooth, laced with points of light and references to other hip hop acts. It’s hard to neatly classify their latest, 3001: A Laced Odyssey. I can say that the […]


Rae Sremmurd’s Double Life

Rae Sremmurd is back with Sremmlife 2. Coming off the massive single “Black Beatles,” the album sits in the murky level between the high and the eventual withdrawal. Sremmlife 2 spins with all the energy of a Mike Jones joint and the self-awareness that has come to be a hallmark of contemporary rap (thanks to rappers […]


Mykki Blanco Hits The Wax

What happens when Trap hits the runaway? Fabulous things, that’s what. From Young Thug‘s trap focused gender-queer hip-hop, to Angel Haze‘s aggressive grrrl power rap, to LE1F‘s internet culture feedback flows, and even to Zebra Katz‘ winking drag, wonderful things happen when hip hop and gay/vogue cultures collide. The latest installment to this is Mykki […]

“Attak” ft. Danny Brown- Rustie

  Are we sure Detroit rapper Danny Brown and Glasgow producer Rustie aren’t twins separated at birth? Never mind the age and race differences. When I hear Brown’s schizoid voice doing cartwheels across Rustie’s rapidly shifting electronic landscape in “Attak” my mind start’s inventing JFK-sized conspiracy theories. One household could never contain so much fiendish […]