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Record Store Day Cometh Part III

Earlier this week, I previewed some of the heavier bands that will be playing Record Store Day. Continuing this series, I’d like to focus on the poppier bands that will take the stage, the bands who write vocal hook after vocal hook without seemingly breaking a sweat, the bands whose music is at home blaring […]


Mini-Reviews Oscar Edition

So a few days ago, Ennio Morricone won his first Oscar. The composer has been at it for over 500 films and basically a staple for fine scores. The win had me thinking about records that aren’t usually hyped–soundtracks. Whether it’s the droning atmospheric score of Sicario or the compilation feel of Straight Outta Compton, […]


Priest @ The Riot Room

Equal parts Passion Pit and Still Corners, Orlando duo, Priest finds a balance between lush sonic textures and danceable pop. The band’s songs fill a space like the best examples of dreampop while keeping a quick shimmering at their core. Tomorrow, Priest will play Riot Room’s late show. The band’s self-titled debut has a energy […]


Dreamgirl, Fine Animal, & Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type @ miniBar

With the Crossroads Music Fest on the horizon, some of the great concerts this week might get lost in the wash. That said, leading to Saturday, on Saturday, and after Saturday, there are a slew of concerts to catch. One of these is at miniBar on Friday. The show will feature some of the most […]


Ratatat’s Slippery Shiny Magnifique

After five years, Ratatat has released Magnifique, which is both a great title and a perfect description of the music: flashy, slick, effortless, and super-processed. But hey, Mike Stroud and Evan Mast practically invented that over-processed octaved chorus guitar/synth sound we’ve come to know and love over that past ten years. (Quick, think of any […]