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A Look In The Local Bin: Record Store Day Edition

Record Store Day is on the horizon, and I have been writing a lot about some of the sick releases that will be found at Mills Record Company on Saturday. That said, the day isn’t just about records. Yes, it’s also about live music, bringing vinylphiles together, shopping local, coffee and donuts, and, most importantly, […]


Lawrence Field Day Fest: Night Two

In any city you go to, the people of that city claim to have the best music scene in the country. So, when I first started going to shows in Lawrence, I was inevitably surrounded by LFK residents saying things like, “You’ll never find a music scene as wonderful as this one.” In one ear […]


Rooftop Vigilantes, The Conquerors, Shy Boys, Toys That Kill @ Blind Tiger

This Friday, The Blind Tiger will host a show featuring some of the best garage rock and indie pop this side of the state line. The Conquerors, Shy Boys, and San Pedro’s Toys That Kill will support Rooftop Vigilantes for their first show in three years–a show that will double as the release for their […]


Acts to Catch at Lawrence Field Day Fest: High Dive Edition

On the 11th, I previewed some super rad hip hop acts to catch at Lawrence Field Day Fest 5. Though these artists will definitely pack a punch at the weekend festival, there are plenty more musicians and artists to see. Some of those artists will play the Jackpot Saloon on Friday for the High Dive […]

god listens to slayer

Live Tonight: Week of June 6th – June 12th: Happy International Day of Slayer!

June 6th every year, as everyone knows, is International Slayer Day. It’s a joyous, festive celebration of all things Slayer, including (but not limited to) blaring Slayer albums as loud as possible for 24 straight hours, carving Slayer’s logo into any surface you can find and generally just being as awesome as possible. Slayer is […]

MOTM - Psychic Heat - 4

The First Two Nights of Middle of The Map

So Middle of The Map has begun. Mills Record Company started the music portion of the multifaceted fest with Be/Non, Jorge Arana Trio, and Monta at Odds on Wednesday and kept the party going with Psychic Heat, The Conquerors, and Shy Boys last night.      But Middle of The Map spilled all through the […]

Middle of the Map presents: High Dive Records @ Mills Records Company

Come out and spend the evening with Middle of the Map and High Dive Records. Show starts at 6 pm, more details on the Facebook event!


The Conquerors Release Show @ Mills Record Company

In case you missed it, The Conquerors have a new single. And that single has a new video that was premiered on the Brooklyn based blog Still in Rock. The black and white to full technicolor homage to sock hops and the opening consciousness perfectly fits the song “You Must Be Dreaming,” which mixes a […]


Dropout Boogie With Shy Boys, The Conquerors, El Rey-Tones, & Phantom Head

This Saturday, Beautiful Bodies and The Philistines will play early at Mills Record Company (show starts at 6pm sharp). But it’s summer and the weekend, so 8pm is a bit early to call it a night. That’s where The Dropout Boogie has us all covered. The good fellas behind the turn tables will be spinning […]


Show Preview: Shy Boys, The Caves, Conquerors at The Union

September will be wrapping up nicely with a slew of shows that equally call for attention. Whether it’s touring acts (like Lykke Li at the Uptown or Interpol at the Granada) or local acts (like All Blood at Mills Record Company), this month ends with some many great shows it’ll be hard to choose which […]

In Store Preview: Your Friend, Oils, Shy Boys

This Saturday (Aug 30th), Mills Record Company will host three great bands for a night of music to usher in the fall. All three bands make music that edge the space between moments–a perfect fit as the evenings get longer and the temperature drops. Two of the bands (Shy Boys and Your Friend) were nominated […]

The Pitch Music Awards Preview: Album of the Year

The Pitch has gathered an eclectic array of musicians for their Album of the Year category. Ranging from pared down minimal bands to full orchestras, the albums definitely highlight the exciting and ever-improving nature of music in Kansas City. Josh Berwanger bobs through his music like a 90s influences Bruce Springsteen. Sometimes endearing, sometimes erratic, […]