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Circa Survive Takes on 10 years

Anthony Green’s various projects (Saosin, The Sound of Animals Fighting, Circa Survive, etc.) were the soundtracks to my angsty teenage years. I remember seeing him with Saosin at The Beaumont Club. Between songs, the frontman began reciting a poem, slowly taking steps back. When Green had finished this recitation, he had backed up to the […]


What Year Is It?! New Material From At The Drive In

My inner 16 year old is ecstatic and pissed off. At The Drive In is arguably THE post-hardcore band. The El Paso quintent made some of the weirdest, hardest hitting songs from the mid 90s to their hiatus in 2000. Members shifted around the music scene since then–from the radio-friendly sounds of Sparta and the […]


A Look in The Local(ish) Bin: The Life and Times

The Life and Times are one of those bands that feel bigger than their physical presence. Their albums are full of swelling guitars, plumbing bass, and roomy percussion. The Chicago trio throws vocals into the mix to shade their sound subtly–making for songs that are lush without feeling maximal or overwrought. The Life and Times […]


Thursday Every Day of The Week

Thursday doesn’t have the best vocals, the best hooks, or the best albums. But they do have some of the rawest, most emotive songs of any band ever. What they lack in polish, they make up in passion and drive. That said, I’m a bit biased–this band was the first band I was truly a […]


Record Store Day 2016

To us, Record Store Day is all about celebrating the Community that’s supported this little local shop, so this year we’re throwing our biggest party yet. We’ll have in-store specials, ticket giveaways, promo prices, exclusive Record Store Day releases, coffee from Oddly Correct, and donuts from Hana’s Donuts, and much more. We’ll also have 20+ bands playing in our […]


New Year’s Eve Concerts Part I

This New Year’s Eve is packed with concerts. The Conquerors, Various Blonde, and Jaenki will be playing one of the last concerts at recordBar’s current location, DJs will take over The Riot Room, Gnarly Davidson and friends will destroy the Replay Lounge, and so many others. It’s definitely a tough decision. So I’ve decided to […]


The Dear Hunter’s Rebirth

To say The Dear Hunter‘s latest album, Act IV: Rebirth in Reprise, is a stylistic rebirth would be a stretch by any estimation. Most of the album hovers in the same dramatic, post-punk, folk-hardcore of the band’s previous releases. That said, Act IV: Rebirth in Reprise does well to expand and development The Dear Hunter’s […]


Cloakroom, Bummer, the author & the illustrator, Youth Pool @ Davey’s Uptown

This Wednesday, Davey’s Uptown will host an eclectic show boasting some pretty exciting rock. Moving from Youth Pools‘ spacey indie rock (think The Smiths meet Wild Nothing) to BUMMER‘s neanderthalic and sludge-ridden onslaughts, from the author & the illustrator‘s disjunctive and brooding mathrock to Cloakroom‘s haze-core (think Nirvana covering Depeche Mode), the show will feature […]

rolling stones

New Releases and Local Interests

Since the International Council of Records (not real) decided to change vinyl releases to Fridays across the globe (very real), we’re still getting used to the schedule. That said, unlike hotcakes (which all of last week’s fantastic vinyl should be going like), records are still good for much longer than a week off the presses. […]


WRVTH’s Latest is Harrowing

WRVTH, formally Wrath of Vesuvius, released their record, Harrowing Winds today on Unique Leader. The album shows a band seemingly in constant transition. More than their name, WRVTH’s songs dance between tech-metal wizardry and post-hardcare angst, giving their music a visceral resonance to counterbalance their ominous textures and intricate interludes. This balance throughout the album […]

Record Store Day 2015 @Mills Record Store.

Record Store Day Preview Part 5: Brand New

Brand New is a rare breed of mid-2000′s post-hardcore. While their contemporaries have shuffled their line-ups around over the years and continued to make the same record over and over, the New Jersey quartet has kept all its original members while reinventing its sound on every album. From their angsty debut, Your Favorite Weapon, to […]


Train From Kansas City: The Fog/ Scammers @ Record Bar 1/21/15

The first time I heard Ian Teeple play music was a couple years ago in some basement. His band Yuckratz was playing something I’m very familiar with- Mid 2000′s Emo/Post Hardcore (with a strong leaning towards the Post Hardcore end of that spectrum). Some of their songs would have a Cursive part (nice), then an […]