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Record Store Day is A Month Away

In case you missed it, Record Store Day announced their official list yesterday, and it’s packed with exclusive releases, first time on wax presses, and special editions of some powerhouses. That’s to be expected. Entering its tenth year, Record Store Day is doing up their biannual (Black Friday counts too!) with some of the most […]



If 6LACK‘s debut, FREE 6LACK, says anything it’s that 1) Atlanta is the new Motown and 2) once a sad RnB singer makes it, another comes up who is sadder and moodier. FREE 6LACK follows the same grimy RnB put forth by Abra but with a distinctively self-reflexive vibe. When Abra skews sensual, 6LACK focuses instead on […]


Kaytranada Kills 99.9% of Weak Beats

If you haven’t listened to Kaytranada yet, then you’ve been missing out. The beat maker/producer/DJ makes some of the best neo-soul electronica I’ve heard in a minute. His debut, 99.9%, mixes synthpop, hip hop, and electronica to create an hour of feel goodery that never resorts the plodding kick-snare repetitions that define upbeat electronica. Kaytranada, with […]