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Keef Mountain

Inner Altar Keef Mountain 2018 Flyer

Show Preview: Inner Altar/Keef Mountain in Kansas City 01/06/17

Kansas City has their own Black Sabbath and they’re named Inner Altar. While Inner Altar has only existed as a band for a few years, the impact they’ve made on the local heavy metal scene is immeasurable. Combining the heaviness and psychedelic groove of early Saint Vitus and the aforementioned Black Sabbath with the riffs […]


Keef Mountain, Merlin, Youngblood Supercult, Orphans of Doom @ Mills Record Company

The Company Presents: A Keef Mountain Benefit Show Kansas and Missouri’s finest and heaviest gathering to help one of their own. We’re offering a free show at Mills Record Company’s new location in Westport (right around the corner from their current location). Free Music, Free Beers, and if you’re feeling generous we are taking donations […]

Solstafir Live 1

Masterpiece of Bitterness: Solstafir live in Kansas City, MO 05/04/15

We come from the land Of the ice and snow From the midnight sun Where the hot springs blow Solstafir frontman Aðalbjörn Tryggvason let the small (yet intimate) crowd at the Riot Room on a rainy Monday night know that Led Zeppelin wrote Immigrant Song after playing in Iceland in 1970. “Don’t go to Iceland,” […]

bdod live

Live Tonight: Week of January 19th – January 25th: Happy MLK Day!

Happy Martin Luther King day! I would tell you to use the holiday to treat yourself to some live music, but it doesn’t look like there’s much going on during MLK Day this year. Which is okay! Take some time to get ready for the rest of the week, which looks to be just as […]

jack white

Live Tonight: Week of August 18th – August 24th: Meet Your Idols!

Have you ever met one of your musical idols in person? I feel lucky that I’m so invested in the Kansas City music scene because it’s opened my eyes to smaller shows where there’s not really a “backstage” area and the bands are more approachable after their set and some just plain like mingling with […]

Live Tonight: Week of August 4th – August 10th: Big shows or small shows?

Which do you prefer – big shows or small shows? Big shows have the advantage of getting to see a band use everything in their ability to create a unique show – The Flaming Lips with the Hamster Ball, Daft Punk with their insane video setup, or Nine Inch Nails with their lightshow. But small […]