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2/9 New Releases at Mills Record Company

Beastie Boys — Hot Sauce Committee Part Two Beastie Boys — To The 5 Boroughs Brian Fallon — Sleepwalkers (Deluxe Colored Vinyl / Signed Poster) Brian Fallon — Sleepwalkers (Standard Edition) Bronze Radio Return — Shake! Shake! Shake! Curtis Roush — Cosmic Campfire Music Dashboard Confessional — Crooked Shadows (Digital Download Included) Dr. John — […]

Live Tonight: Week Of July 28th – August 3rd: Lazy Summer Daze

  It’s that time of the year – the temperatures are skyrocketing and it’s painful to step outside for even a second without SPF 450 sunblock. Luckily, the live shows keep rolling through town to get your behind out of the house and enjoy some jams. Plenty of awesome shows this week if you didn’t […]

Jackson May’s Top 10 (and Bottom 10) Pop Songs of 2013

Pop music is awesome. Well, most of it is. I approach pop music in the same mindset I approach movies like Jackass and Kung Pow: Enter The Fist – not everything has to be an artistic masterpiece to be enjoyable. But there’s a very fine line for a catchy pop song to cross to either […]