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Lhean Into WHY?

Fresh off a collaboration with Serengeti (and my favorite album of last year), Yoni Wolf and the other guys in WHY? are at it again. Their latest release, Moh Lhean, shows a more muted sensibility that still brings the heft and gravitas of Mumps etc. and Alopecia. Moh Lhean moves away from the avant stream of consciousness style […]


Son Lux Shows His Bones

Son Lux has developed. In his 2013 release, Lanterns, the one-man post-rock alt-hip-hop music machine showed his more dramatic side. The album was characterized by the operatic scales fit to contemporary arrangements that we’ve come to know from Joyful Noise Recordings (think Kishi Bashi, Sisyphus, etc). In Bones, Son Lux has kept the ability to […]


Buy This: Reptar – Lurid Glow

Alright, I’ll admit it. I’m not a pop record kind of guy. You’re never going to hear me blasting some heavy bass line out of my car and you definitely won’t see me letting it all hang out on the dance floor. So, I can’t stress enough that it takes a really special effort for […]

Kishi Bashi Lighghts Up

Kishi Bashi’s Lighght is the perfect summer album. Each song bubbles with looped violins and catchy vocal melodies. At its most energetic, it has the same shimmer as a soda can covered in sweat bees—meaning it hums and pops. That said, Lighght is anything but a solely sugar-based pop album. Its strings sigh with a melancholy that perfectly juxtaposes its […]