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Trapped Under Ice

Album Review: Trapped Under Ice – Heatwave

Trapped Under Ice emerged from the Baltimore hardcore scene of the late 2000s and quickly became one of the most notorious bands in the genre. The band’s 2008 EP, “Stay Cold,” set a precedent for where the heavy hardcore of the American Northeast was heading and people took notice nationally and globally. Countless tours zig-zagged […]

Live Tonight: Week Of November 17th – November 23rd: Jazz Over Grunge

Football is like jazz. It has to be intricate, smooth and on-point to overcome all obstacles. The sonic opposite of grunge. Loud, noisy, and lame. Basically I’m saying that the Chiefs beat the Seahawks – suck on that 12th man. Anyway – there’s some good shows this week! Don’t miss ‘em! Monday, November 17th Soul […]

Pop Punk’s Not Dead: The Story So Far Live in Lawrence, KS 09/30/14

It’s a sentiment that’s readily apparent to anyone paying attention – pop punk has come back in a big way over the past 5 years or so. Warped Tour is bigger now than ever, and from the yearly punk tour has spawned some of the most enjoyable pop punk in years. One of the leaders […]

Don’t Need Society: D.R.I. live in Kanas City, MO 09/05/14

Last night at Davey’s Uptown in Kansas City, the legendary band D.R.I. assaulted eyes and ears with a blistering 30+ song set of classic material that lasted over an hour and a half – for a band that has been around 32 years and whose discography consists of mostly sub-two minute songs, that’s a feat […]

jack white

Live Tonight: Week of August 18th – August 24th: Meet Your Idols!

Have you ever met one of your musical idols in person? I feel lucky that I’m so invested in the Kansas City music scene because it’s opened my eyes to smaller shows where there’s not really a “backstage” area and the bands are more approachable after their set and some just plain like mingling with […]

Caught In A Mosh – Terror Live in Lawrence, KS 03/26/2014

It might be a cliche now but last night at The Bottleneck in Lawrence, hardcore music fans came together and became one big family. One giant, aggressive, moshing, stage-diving and smiling family. The “Fuck The Message” tour landed at The Bottleneck in the midst of a cold and rainy evening, but that didn’t stop the […]