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Photo by Ebru Yildiz, courtesy of Sub Pop Records

Album Review: Metz – Strange Peace

“Mess Of Wires” is the churning, hypnotic intro track on Metz’ third album “Strange Peace.” Within seconds, the Canadian noise rock trio reminds the world of its songwriting prowess and its ability to select the perfect tones. The song that follows, “Drained Lake,” is another feat that could only be pulled off by musicians as […]


A Look In The Local Bin

The past week has been full of great local releases. From The Conquerors‘ You Must Be Dreaming single to Berwanger‘s Demonios, the local bin has overflowing with some fantastic splits, singles, and cassettes–just in time (or a little late) for the holidays. There are three releases that absolutely kill it: Phantom Head‘s Tour Tapes, Celebration and […]


Four New Releases to Check Out This Black Friday

Black Friday will have deals and promos all of its own–including secret and surprise ones. Until those are announced, though, here are four records that would make perfect gifts for anyone on your holiday list, or for yourself. From Cobain beyond the grave to local indie wizards to black metal snake charmers, these four records […]


Fuzz Hits Hard With II

Over the past few years, there’s been a big resurgence in Black Sabbath influenced music–both in terms of song writing and production. Warmer and thicker guitars, chorused and overdubbed vocals, epic builds and climaxes all characterize this movement. That said, this resurgence usually favors the more languid tones–think the slow moving riffs of Windhand or […]

New and Local: Dream Ritual’s Debut EP

Dream Ritual‘s self-titled debut harkens back to a time when guitars were heavy and vocals slurred, when a palm mutes and spacey solos coexisted in the same song, when rock moved from arenas to basements. The six song EP is a mix of stoner-sludge and technically proficient noodling. The band’s sound stays centered around a […]

Show Preview: The Wytches at Riot Room 11/15

I think The Wytches‘ Annabel Dream Reader has been favorite debut in recent memory. It takes everything I loved from Nirvana, trimmed the excess, and gave that style of grunge a more nuanced tinge. Its slow-burning long tracks fill space with tube-thickened guitars and its fast tracks bubble with an energy that is controlled but […]

Black on Black’s Latest EP Burns Hot

I’m not a big fan of punk. I’m a wimp. I like music that’s slow and wavers with atmospheric glitter. Well, that’s before I heard Lawrence’s Black on Black. The four EPs on its bandcamp are heavy without being blunt, energetic without being sloppy, and punk without sacrificing sound. In other words, Black on Black […]