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Thundercat’s Drunk

Though it’s been out digitally for almost a month, Thundercat‘s Drunk recently arrived in the physical world. Pressed on four red 10″, the bebop-heavy jazz/hip hop fusion album pays homage to the early Blue Note jazz series (featuring Kansas City’s own Charlie Parker) while connecting with the aesthetics of contemporary jazz releases (think Jazz Dispensary or Kamasi […]


Tycho and Shigeto at The Granada

This Saturday The Granada will host two ambient electronica acts that I never stray too far from–Tycho and Shigeto. The two bands make music as complex as Flying Lotus with more of an ear toward melodic continuity. While they reside within the same musical camp, both bands have subtle trademarks that distinguish them from each […]


Top 10 Hip Hop and RnB Songs of 2014 [Brian Clifton's Picks]

10 “Ego Death” by Busdriver ft. Aesop Rock & Danny Brown. “Ego Death” is an acid trip of a song. Angular and disjointed flows plod over sludgy beats. The jagged switches between lyrical barrages and slow spitting gives the song a fresh sound with each listen. 9 “Show Me The Way” by Dilated Peoples ft. […]


Top 10 Electronic Albums of 2014 [Brian Clifton's Picks]

10 Our Love by Caribou. Our Love is a nice mix of dark disco and techno-pop. The album is immediate. Its blips and bassed out rhythms set a stage for Dan Snaith’s gauzy falsetto. The tracks’ repetitions create an atmosphere of obsession and the lyrics match. A notable track of the album is “All I […]

Show Preview: Busdriver at The Recordbar

Busdriver will be spilling his like-no-one-else sound from The Recordbar‘s stage this Thursday the 30th. As noted in a mini-review, Busdriver’s latest album, Perfect Hair, continues his already established uniqueness while cementing the claim that he is one of the best alternative rappers today. He mixes equal parts Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Flying Lotus, Jean […]


10/7/14 New Releases @ Mills Record Company

Flying Lotus – You’re Dead! (gatefold packaging, (featuring Angel Deradoorian, Snoop dog, Thundercat, Herbie hancokc, Kendrick Lamar, Captain Murphy, Niki Randa, Miguel Atwood Ferguson, Kamasi Washington & more) LP Flying Lotus – Box set (includes you’re dead! album and instrumentals) The world is a beautiful place and i am no longer afraid to die – […]

Flying Lotus Listening Party Monday October 6th

On September 27th, Flying Lotus released his fifth album, You’re Dead. To celebrate, Mills Record Company is throwing a listening party on October 6th–complete with limited edition art cards by Shintaro Kago. So in addition to hearing a fantastic record that blends jazz, rap, electronic atmospheres, and just about everything else into its aural candy, […]