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Thursday Every Day of The Week

Thursday doesn’t have the best vocals, the best hooks, or the best albums. But they do have some of the rawest, most emotive songs of any band ever. What they lack in polish, they make up in passion and drive. That said, I’m a bit biased–this band was the first band I was truly a […]

Tiny Moving Parts courtesy of (n.h.) productions

Tiny Moving Parts, Prawn, and Free Throw at the Jackpot Music Hall 06/24/16

I’ll admit it – I only bought tickets to the Tiny Moving Parts show because a cute guy told me to. After hours spent in front of the mirror in order to impress this guy, I ended up coming home four hours later drenched in sweat. Pamona, an Overland Park-based band comprised of ambient progressive […]


Celebrate Summer at The Crossroads Flock Party

Memorial Day has come and gone, which means it is officially summer. And with summer comes the annual Crossroads Flock Party–an evening of art, music, food, drinks, and fun. This year, the party will feature skate demonstrations, Pop-up Charlie, Oddities Prints, and Quixotic creating art before our eyes. And before our ears, there will be […]


The Devil and God Are (Still) Raging Inside Me

Be still my teenage angst; Brand New’s The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me has been repressed and is in Mills Record Company as I type. The album sits comfortably between the band’s emotional break through Deja Entendu and their noisy, art-rock experiment Daisy. It’s an album of transition both conceptual and structurally. The […]


1/15/2016 New Releases at Mills Record Company

All Them Witches — Lightning at The Door (limited edition, includes bonus 7″) Anthrax — Playing Cards (with download card) Baby Metal — BABYMETAL Beastmaker — You Must Sin 7″ Blue Man Group — Giacometti Cibo Matto — Viva! La Woman Cold Fronts – Forever Whateverw Daughter — Not To Disappear (180g Virgin Vinyl) Devo — […]


Cloakroom, Bummer, the author & the illustrator, Youth Pool @ Davey’s Uptown

This Wednesday, Davey’s Uptown will host an eclectic show boasting some pretty exciting rock. Moving from Youth Pools‘ spacey indie rock (think The Smiths meet Wild Nothing) to BUMMER‘s neanderthalic and sludge-ridden onslaughts, from the author & the illustrator‘s disjunctive and brooding mathrock to Cloakroom‘s haze-core (think Nirvana covering Depeche Mode), the show will feature […]


Local or Bust: Tandem & loosejaw

Wednesday evenings at Mills Record Company have now been dedicated to showing off the up-and-coming of Kansas City’s already burgeoning music scene. As I’ve written before, the event series, LOCAL OR BUST, will be a chance for new musicians to gain some traction before jetting off into the stratosphere or for offshoots of established bands […]

Record Store Day 2015 @Mills Record Store.

Record Store Day Preview Part 5: Brand New

Brand New is a rare breed of mid-2000′s post-hardcore. While their contemporaries have shuffled their line-ups around over the years and continued to make the same record over and over, the New Jersey quartet has kept all its original members while reinventing its sound on every album. From their angsty debut, Your Favorite Weapon, to […]


Stifle, Bad Dinner, and The Fog and The Jorge Arana Trio @ FOKL

This Monday (3/30), FOKL will host Stifle, a Chicago based noise punk band who makes some of the most compelling sonic experiments out there. Supporting acts will include the Kansas City based bands* Bad Dinner and The Fog–both of which span the continua of weird and hardcore. The night is sure to be filled with […]


Train From Kansas City: The Fog/ Scammers @ Record Bar 1/21/15

The first time I heard Ian Teeple play music was a couple years ago in some basement. His band Yuckratz was playing something I’m very familiar with- Mid 2000′s Emo/Post Hardcore (with a strong leaning towards the Post Hardcore end of that spectrum). Some of their songs would have a Cursive part (nice), then an […]

Live Tonight: Week Of November 17th – November 23rd: Jazz Over Grunge

Football is like jazz. It has to be intricate, smooth and on-point to overcome all obstacles. The sonic opposite of grunge. Loud, noisy, and lame. Basically I’m saying that the Chiefs beat the Seahawks – suck on that 12th man. Anyway – there’s some good shows this week! Don’t miss ‘em! Monday, November 17th Soul […]

The Get Up Kids’ ‘Guilt Show’ Turns 10 Years Old

The Get Up Kids were a pivotal, driving force in the midwest punk scene in the late 1990′s. Gaining success in 1997 with their first full-length, Four Minute Mile, the Get Up Kids paved a path full of hard-hitting hooks, thoughtful lyrics, and raucous vibes. The band’s sophomore release, Something to Write Home About, landed […]