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1/15/2016 New Releases at Mills Record Company

All Them Witches — Lightning at The Door (limited edition, includes bonus 7″) Anthrax — Playing Cards (with download card) Baby Metal — BABYMETAL Beastmaker — You Must Sin 7″ Blue Man Group — Giacometti Cibo Matto — Viva! La Woman Cold FrontsĀ – Forever Whateverw Daughter — Not To Disappear (180g Virgin Vinyl) Devo — […]


Train From Kansas City: The Fog/ Scammers @ Record Bar 1/21/15

The first time I heard Ian Teeple play music was a couple years ago in some basement. His band Yuckratz was playing something I’m very familiar with- Mid 2000′s Emo/Post Hardcore (with a strong leaning towards the Post Hardcore end of that spectrum). Some of their songs would have a Cursive part (nice), then an […]

Live Tonight: Week Of November 17th – November 23rd: Jazz Over Grunge

Football is like jazz. It has to be intricate, smooth and on-point to overcome all obstacles. The sonic opposite of grunge. Loud, noisy, and lame. Basically I’m saying that the Chiefs beat the Seahawks – suck on that 12th man. Anyway – there’s some good shows this week! Don’t miss ‘em! Monday, November 17th Soul […]

The Get Up Kids’ ‘Guilt Show’ Turns 10 Years Old

The Get Up Kids were a pivotal, driving force in the midwest punk scene in the late 1990′s. Gaining success in 1997 with their first full-length, Four Minute Mile, the Get Up Kids paved a path full of hard-hitting hooks, thoughtful lyrics, and raucous vibes. The band’s sophomore release, Something to Write Home About, landed […]