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Record Store Day: And The Beat Goes On

So Record Store Day has come and left. In its wake, there are far fewer records in the racks at Mills Record Company and so many exclusive releases nest in milk crates across the Kansas City area. That said, at Mills Record Company, Record Store Day is more than a single day. The party continues […]

BLKFLANL Vinyl Only DJ Set @ Mills Record Company

Conductor WIlliams will be spinning records starting at 6 pm. BLKFLANL will perform the second half of the night and are running a huge sale on all the groups merch! More details via Facebook. 


J Dilla Week at Mills Record Company

J Dilla was one of the most influential hip hop artists ever. I know this is a heavy-handed way to start a post, but it’s true. The beat-maker, producer, and rapper made some of the most iconic stand alone beats and daring instrumental tracks during his short life, and his influence can be felt from […]


Brothertiger, Body-san, BLK MARIO @ Riot Room

I have a soft spot for chilled-over electronic arrangements, ones that make no qualms about their ethereal wisps and otherworldly trembling. That said, I rarely get to see this music played and made live. Tomorrow at The Riot Room, Brothertiger with special guests Body-san and BLK MARIO will do just that. Each act draws equally […]


Dropout Boogie With Shy Boys, The Conquerors, El Rey-Tones, & Phantom Head

This Saturday, Beautiful Bodies and The Philistines will play early at Mills Record Company (show starts at 6pm sharp). But it’s summer and the weekend, so 8pm is a bit early to call it a night. That’s where The Dropout Boogie has us all covered. The good fellas behind the turn tables will be spinning […]

The Pitch Music Awards Preview: Best DJ/EDM

These are not the DJs at your cousin’s bat mitzvah, but they’ll sure get you to (c)hallah. Whether they’re burning up the dance floor at bars around Kansas City or engineering tracks in the studio, these DJs and producers create quality dance music. The Pitch brought together a layering of crystalline synth lines and bouncing […]