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aprilmist ep cover

Album Review: Aprilmist’s “Remembrance” EP

If you were lucky enough to catch Aprilmist alongside Young Bull and Vivid Zebra at our place around this time last year, you’re well aware of just how promising a group they were. Combining elements of atmospheric black metal with a more modern take on the sound incorporating elements of progressive metal, shoegaze and post-metal, […]


Nefarious Orations: Inquisition live in Kansas City, MO 09/08/17

This Friday night, it seemed like most people are clinging on to summer as long as they can – Westport was jam-packed with people in t-shirts, shorts and flip-flops enjoying a street art fair. However, the Riot Room hosted four extreme metal bands who seemed anxious to usher in the harsh winter cold that came […]

Free Event Alert: Black metal documentary BLACKHEARTS screening

Ever since the mid-90s, Norway has been musically associated with black metal – the most controversial subgenre to emerge from heavy metal. Fraught with church burnings, murders and suicides and the ever-present Satan worship, it seems like the best place on Earth to start an evil rock and roll band, right? Blackhearts is a documentary […]

kc blackdeath fest header

Kansas City Blackdeath Fest 2016: A Primer to Kansas City’s Annual Black/Death Metal Festival

This weekend is the 2nd annual Kansas City Blackdeath Fest. Featuring almost twenty underground extreme metal acts from all over the country, it can be a bit daunting going into this weekend. However, here is a handy guide to several of the bands playing this year – to get your neck ready for massive headbanging. […]


Golden Number: Ghost Bath live in Kansas City, MO 07/20/16

Here’s an interesting question to ponder: in a post-Sunbather world, can post-black metal still flourish? Deafheaven’s monumental and underground-defining/dividing 2013 album changed the extreme metal landscape and it seems the groups that took particular influence from the album are now making their own ascent in the scene. Enter depressive/suicidal five-piece Ghost Bath, hailing from just […]

Taake courtesy of Mushu Powell at The Kansas Coqui Nest

Helnorsk Svartmetall: Taake live in Kansas City 06/04/16

For the 2nd time in the first half of 2016, Norwegian black metal mainstays Taake unblessed Kansas City with their presence, this time bringing along blackened doom outfit Wolvhammer and locals Stonehaven for a night of Trve Norwegian Black Metal. Just like in February, opening the show was Kansas City’s own black metal horde Stonehaven. […]

blackdeath fest header

Blood War: KC Blackdeath Fest in Kansas City, MO 04/17 – 04/18

It’s rare enough to find a couple of people in the Bible Belt who share an interest in extreme music, but a festival full of them? That’s unheard of. This is Missouri – this is the Midwest. We’re all about country music and gospel hymns, right? The first annual KC Blackdeath Fest changed all that […]

ritual decay live

Show Preview: KC Blackdeath Fest at the Riot Room 04/17-18

The evil forces at play in the world are culminating in abhorrent perfection to bring two nights of death, doom and destruction to the Riot Room in Westport. The first ever KC Blackdeath Fest will be taking place this Friday the 17th and Saturday the 18th with an unholy host of local and national black, […]

Photo courtesy of Andrew Rodriguez

Storm Of The Antichrist: Mayhem live in Lawrence, KS 01/18/15

Black metal, by its very definition, is meant to be a violent form of music. From its now-legendary, murder/suicide-filled beginnings to its imagery and controversy surrounding just about every aspect of it, black metal at its very core holds violent tendencies that infect every other part of the music. Last night at the Granada in […]

Mayhem Flyer

Show Preview: Mayhem, Watain, Revenge at The Granada

There is no other genre of music with a beginning as chaotic, violent and infamous as black metal. Starting out as death metal injecting the speed of thrash metal and hardcore punk mixed with dark lyrics and evil imagery, it quickly grew in popularity under such bands in the 1980s as Celtic Frost, Venom and […]

Blame It On God: Deicide Live In Kansas City, MO 10/17/14

For the second year in a row, legendary death metal band Deicide brought a whole lineup of Satanic brilliance to the Riot Room. Showcasing the dynamic differences between death metal and black metal, the bands that destroyed Kansas City on a crisp Friday night did so with aggression and evil that only decades of touring […]

The Pitch Music Awards Preview: Metal

Unluckily for The Pitch, picking a local band to be crowned “Best Metal” is one of the hardest decisions they could possibly have. Kansas City’s heavy metal scene is one of the most diverse and talented in the country. Nods to every genre from power metal to viking metal, Kansas City does not skimp out […]