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Arc Flash Album Release @ Mills Record Company

High Dive Records & Whatever Forever presents the release of the new Arc Flash album “Carbon Copy”. Shows starts w/ Chasm at 6 pm. Always all ages, always free.

New Releases Scheduled for 2017

With 2016 in the past and 2017 freshly here, it’s time to ask the important questions, like what records will be on our want lists, which releases will be delayed, and when will that new Gorillaz album come out. Rather than review a record this week, I wanted to write about some fabled releases that […]

Psychic Heat Record Release @ Mills Record Company

Psychic Heat album release , “Lighter and Brighter” via High Dive Records. Shows starts at 7 pm with friends Arc Flash! More details on the Facebook event.


Psychic Heat and Arc Flash Kick off Summer

It’s graduation season, which also means it’s the beginning of summer for many. And summer is the perfect time for tube-warmed, garage psych vibes. Who better to fill this need than Psychic Heat and Arc Flash? Psychic Heat will be celebrating their latest High Dive release, Sunshower. Both of these bands make music that has […]


I Heart Local Music Presents SXSW Bound

It’s that time of year again. SXSW is just around the corner, so all the bands we love around town are trying to get their finances in order so they can make a trip to the concert festival and show off the breadth and depth of the Kansas City music scene. It’s not easy–musicians have […]


Leggy, Arc Flash, Sneaky Creeps, Lil Toughies @ The Brick

This Thursday, The Brick will host one hell of a show bill. The concert will be a must attend for any fan of dirty, fuzzed-over punk. Whether it’s Arc Flash‘s mathy play, Lil Toughies‘ bouncing punk, Sneaky Creeps‘ wailing distortions, or Leggy‘s catchy garage rock, the show will offer something for everyone. This late show […]


House Show Alert: Chasm, Bad Ideas, Arc Flash, Gland

House shows are the life blood of local music–especially in Kansas City. With venues closing, charging an arm and a leg for tickets, and only hosting shows that are 21+, with musicians that don’t play with local acts, house shows are the best way to catch some of the phenomenal music being made in the […]


New Year’s Eve Concerts Part III

I’ve been chronicling my top New Year’s Eve Concerts (here and here). The third (and final) concert that is causing me to make some tough decisions is happening in Lawrence. The show features rock n roll wizards Gnarly Davidson, punk weirdos The Fog, experimental cyborgs Arc Flash, and spacey funk-master Approach. In short, The Replay […]


Psychic Heat, Arc Flash, Phantom Head and Wides @ Replay

Tomorrow at Replay Lounge, Wides, Phantom Head, Arc Flash, and Psychic Heat will take the stage. Moving from the grimiest end of the psych spectrum to the poppiest, the bands will offer a sound for everyone and a live show that is as heated as their songs. The Thursday show will truly be something never […]


Lord Agave, Arc Flash, Sinple @ The RecordBar

Tomorrow, The RecordBar will be a lush with synthetic beats and hot psychedelia. Moving from the hypnotic swells of Lord Agave, to Sinple‘s droning soundscapes, to the jittering lead lines of Arc Flash, the show will feature a nice swathe of the local experimental-ish music scene. Each of the three bands offer a unique take […]

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Live Tonight: Week of June 29th – July 5th: FREEDOM Edition!

Happy birthday, America! Can you believe our baby of a country is 2015 years old now? It seems like only yesterday we were landing on Plymouth Rock, conquering the Aztecs, dumping tea into a harbor, inventing airplanes and making movies! To celebrate over 2000 years of American independence, try some amazing shows this week! Monday, […]

Friday at The Replay Lounge Couldn’t Get Better

This Friday, The Crossroads Summer Block Party will kick off the weekend well for Kansas City. This Friday will also kick of the weekend well for Lawrence with two back to back shows at The Replay Lounge. First the matinee show promises to showcase some of the best talent in local folk, Heidi Lynn Gluck […]