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Lhean Into WHY?

Fresh off a collaboration with Serengeti (and my favorite album of last year), Yoni Wolf and the other guys in WHY? are at it again. Their latest release, Moh Lhean, shows a more muted sensibility that still brings the heft and gravitas of Mumps etc. and Alopecia. Moh Lhean moves away from the avant stream of consciousness style […]

Ocean Death EP Swells and Crushes

Baths’ latest EP, Ocean Death, straddles the line between his rigid, beat-centric architecture and wavy synth loops in a way that pushes the album outside the confines of that continuum. Whether Baths utilizes a dance-inducing beat (as in “Ocean Death”) or a droning, ceremonial sample (as in “Voyeur”), Ocean Death brims with moments that are strangely intimate […]

Son Lux Continues To Shine With Lanterns

Mix equal parts Sufjan Stevens, Jonsi, and Wild Nothing; add a splash of dense and rhythmic unpredictability, a touch of lyrical ambiguity, and a sprinkle of brooding strings. The result? Son Lux’s latest album, Lanterns. Son Lux seems to steal fragments not only from the aforementioned artists but also from a myriad of other sources […]

WHY? Facebook Stalk Fans, Announce ‘Golden Tickets’ EP

Oakland based, hip hop infused indie-rock band WHY? recently announced the details of their new EP, Golden Tickets. Each track details and explores the life of one of the band’s fans using info culled from Facebook and the internet. As the name suggests, purchasing one of the 700 limited edition gold EPs gives listeners a chance to win their […]