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The Ovaries-eez, Teri Quinn, and Calvin Arsenia @ Mills Record Company

I don’t think there’s a better time for folk music than the early Spring. Something about the combination of fallen leaves and budding branches, the temperature fluctuations, the electricity of it all lends itself to banjos, acoustic guitars, and stunning melodies. And this Saturday, Mills Record Company will turn into a hotbed for folk music. […]


Thunderclaps, The Quivers, Old Grey Dog @ Jackpot Saloon

This Saturday, Jackpot Saloon will host Thunderclaps, The Quivers, and Old Grey Dog. The bands on  the bill swing from experimental honky tonk to rockabilly, to garage rock, to blues-influenced rock n roll. While their sounds cover an array of aesthetics, all three acts have one thing in common: they write songs that have catchy […]

Friday at The Replay Lounge Couldn’t Get Better

This Friday, The Crossroads Summer Block Party will kick off the weekend well for Kansas City. This Friday will also kick of the weekend well for Lawrence with two back to back shows at The Replay Lounge. First the matinee show promises to showcase some of the best talent in local folk, Heidi Lynn Gluck […]


Rocky Votolato in a Living Room

It’s hard to imagine Rocky Votolato‘s songs in any other atmosphere than an intimate space with a close group of people–I’m thinking summer road trips, porch sits, or cooking experiments in a studio apartment. It’s equally hard to imagine experiencing one of his performance without a stage, mics, amps, etc. filtering the connection between artist […]


Dustin Rapier, Adriana & The Panic, Amanda Hughey @ The RecordBar

Few shows can mix musical veterans in a way that is as exciting as this show at The Record Bar. Dustin Rapier wraps his silvertone voice around indie-pop melodies; Adriana & The Panic fuses jazzy rhythms with classic blues and soul tones; Amanda Hughey belts out any song with enough power to make Adele herself […]

Wilco @ Grinder’s July 15th Presale

With the snow falling, it’s hard to think about anything that sounds like summer–let alone the season itself–, but I promise somewhere under the layers of sweaters and clouds the summer spills its jangling still. Let me help jog your memory: Wilco perfectly channels the summer’s complex tones into their songs. Energetic but laid-back, joyous […]

“Desperation Hanging in the Air”- Jason Isbell Live at Starlight Theatre

I’m ignoring all the distractions I can as Alabama native Jason Isbell takes the stage at Kansas City’s Starlight Theatre. I pay no mind to the Sun beaming down out of the west or the small beads of sweat slowly rolling down my beard. Sitting next to me, my dad is slightly less attentive. He’s […]

Angel Olsen’s Latest

  There’s a piece of conventional folk wisdom which posits “smaller scorpions are more dangerous than the large one,” and while the legend has no logical grounding, it’s continued to linger around in our collective conscious. So much so that Indiana Jones doled out the advice. In zoology, it’s akin to colossal elephants cowering in […]

James McMurtry Live at New York’s City Winery

Whether he’s backed by a full band or doing his own solo acoustic thing, groundbreaking alt-country singer-songwriter James McMurtry doesn’t change his approach to his live performance. With poetic lyrics, McMurtry somehow always manages to pierce the souls of those in the audience. On Tuesday night (Feb. 4) at City Winery in New York City, […]

James McMurtry – Too Long in the Wasteland

Only a month in, and 2014 has already proven to be an exciting year for alt-country singer-songwriter James McMurtry and his fans. Along with signing to a new label, Complicated Game, McMurtry released the details of his next studio album, the first since 2008′s Just Us Kids. While we get ready for the new tunes, there will […]

Ha Ha Tonka Learn From Americana and Their Own Past on Lessons

On Lessons, the newest LP from Missouri’s Ha Ha Tonka, the band displays more than just an awareness of its own past. The title track’s quasi-mantra highlights the duality of the new album as singer Brian Roberts repeats, “I keep learning the same lessons over again/ I can’t keep learning the same lessons over again.” […]