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A Look in The Local Bin: The Conquerors’ Wyld Time

Every so often a band releases a record that perfectly blends melancholy and ecstasy. The Conquerors‘ High Dive Records debut, Wyld Time, is one of those records. From start to finish, its patchwork of fuzz-dusted psychedelic pop steps through time–bridging 60s’ and early aughts’ aesthetics to create something that transcends time-specific conventions. Wyld Time crackles and pops with […]


Record Store Day Exclusives Part VI

Record Store Day is less than two days away. Are you ready? Mills Record Company has been unpacking boxes by the palette-load, getting them ready for all the vinylphiles of Kansas City. This is going to be my last post about the exclusives. I want to talk about four related compilations. There’s the three volume […]

Record Store Day 2015 @Mills Record Store.

Record Store Day Preview Part 6: Kosmic City

Cavern Sound was a premiere recording studio in the late 60s and early 70s. The Independence based studio was situated in the caves of Pixley Quarry. The solid rock provided an excellent space to capture sound–from the classic twang of Midwestern country, to the earliest iterations of psych pop, to James Brown‘s early 70s recordings. […]

Live at the Cellar Door – Neil Young

I’ve mentioned my cluttered car before. How worn-out Christmas service bulletins are strewn about, along with a plastic jade Buddah and an untold number of CDs. If I were to take count, I’d likely stop halfway through to listen to an album. Supposing I ever finish the Herculean task of taking stock of them all, […]