St. Joe’s Kilmaat poised to unleash Architect Of Human Failure


Strange things are afoot in Saint Joseph, Missouri. The city, about an hour north of Kansas City, isn’t really known for its music scene, but local metallers Kilmaat are looking to make a name for themselves with the release of their debut album, “Architect of Human Failure.” Vocalist William Seay describes the band’s sound as influenced by such big-name metal acts as Meshuggah and Gojira, “and then each member of the band has different tastes so we all add our own influences to the mix,” says Seay. It’s safe to surmise the biggest factor in this music is crushing heaviness.

But don’t be fooled – despite the serious music being played, the basis of the band’s moniker is less than serious. Seay tells, “We are big nerds, me especially. The name Kilmaat comes from a video game called Powerslave on Playstation 1 – the Kilmaat are insecticide aliens that rise are exhumed from the Earth and then try to kill and enslave us. So in certain songs the lyrics are almost from the perspective of those destroyers man. Things like temples crumbling and fire crackling all around.” A bit tongue in cheek, sure, but some more serious subjects are covered on the album – philosophy, the consequences of nuclear weapons, the inherent violent tendencies in man. But don’t worry: “There aren’t any love songs though! There’s no hope. No light at the end of the tunnel in our world,” Seay reassures.

Kilmaat marches into Legends Sports Cafe in Saint Joseph this Friday, the 29th, for their album release show. Opening the show is Until The World Ends, and Kilmaat will have their debut album, “Architect of Human Failure,” available as well.

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