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Mills Record Company will be extending the deals of Black Friday into Small Shop Saturday, while converting Friday’s noise into the heaviest in store to date. Featuring Sharp Weapons, Inner Altar, and bluehealer, Saturday’s in store will shake the walls and definitely be a way to close November. In addition to the sales and great music, Mills Record Company will announce the finalists of its “Element Studio Time Giveaway.”

bluehealer drones its heaviness in a way that perfectly balances the slowness of the sludgiest doom metal and the speed of the most thrashing grindcore. Featuring Bummer‘s guitarist, Matt Perrin, on drums, bluehealer combines the visceral immediacy that we’ve come to expect from anything in Bummer’s orbit with a slow and brooding build absent from its quick rides. The five piece backs up their music with a live show that matches their sound’s intensity. Despite their newness (the band’s first show was in late August), bluehealer shows incredible amount of talent and chemistry.

Inner Altar layers the grinding heaviness of doom with the mesmerizing sonic explorations of prog to create a sound that first sinks itself into its listeners’ chest and then lets its complexities linger. The band makes music that is constantly flirts with destruction. Their guitars fall into squeals of feedback only to rise again, their drums collapse into a staccato march before flying into their swift beats, their vocals flit in and out of the mix. If Black Sabbath and Dream Theater had a child, that child would be Inner Altar.

Sharp Weapons doesn’t have much online, but what little material there is screams. And anyone who’s seen the Kansas City quartet live can attest to the frenzy these guys make on stage. Brutal doesn’t begin to describe how their guitars churn their heavy hooks, how their drums blast through all the distortion to create an almost physical presence. If Sharp Weapons’ sound could be described in a single word, it might be snarling. Always on the edge of imploding, the band burns through its songs at a breakneck pace. Sharp Weapons takes all the energy of their music and triples it on stage.

Small Shop Saturday at Mills Record Company will be an event. Not only will the voting start to determine which band will win time at Element Studio, not only will the store be continuing the the deals that began on Black Friday, but three fantastic bands will take the stage and shake the store. Sharp Weapons, Inner Altar, and bluehealer will channel oblivion this Saturday and leave us wanting more. The show is free, all ages, and starts promptly at 7pm. That said, get there early to pick up some records for the holidays.

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