Sex Snobs, Bummer, and Powers & Light @ Mills Record Company

This Saturday, Mills Record Company will have three bands running the gamut between alt, spacey punk, and heavy. Featuring two local bands (Bummer and Powers & Light) and Oklahoma City’s Sex Snobs, the show will be the perfect way to begin Saturday night.

Powers & Light is the perfect mixture of fun and danger. The band’s sound constantly teeters from uninhibited play to noise-saturated freak out. Powers & Light takes only the wildest moments from previous projects (i.e. The Fog) and crushes them through samplers, synthesizers, and other obsolete future equipment. The result is a sound as rooted in the visceral now as it is in some unknown future. Much like Arc Flash or HMPH, the band collages time signatures, pop culture, genre conventions, and a myriad of other things to make their sound truly their own. Powers & Light makes music that has an untouchable immediacy to it.


Sex Snobs is a far cry from Powers & Light. Like a livelier incarnation of Beat Happening mixed with BRAINIAC‘s noisey rock, the OKC band’s latest Pop Songs and Other Ways To Die lives up to its title (which is seriously one of the best I’ve come across in recent memory). Each song on the 10 track album coils through its bass-forward grooves while sparkling the edges with citrine cymbal work and glittering guitars. On stage, the quartet balances their set with high-energy riffs and post-avant feedback. The balance makes for a show that is taut while it progresses and loops around itself. Melancholic and driven, Sex Snobs are an act to catch.

Bummer hits (per usual) the heaviest end of this concert’s spectrum. With large bass grooves, crunchy guitars and up-front percussion, the trio makes music that refuses to be anything but what it is. As unforgiving as it is relentless, Bummer’s jams hit with full force and never let up. With new songs constantly floating around the internet, Bummer, as an entity, never seems to take a break. And, as those of you who have seen them live know, their show is an experience of its own. Fast and snarling, the KC trio takes the stage, tears it up, and leaves before the audience can fathom what hit them. In my opinion, that’s the perfect way to perform.

This Saturday’s show starts at 7pm and is all ages. Mixing punk, heavy, alt, DIY, rock, and pop together, this show is not to be missed. Whether you like the hooks of Sex Snobs, the noise-heavy riffs of Powers & Light, or the gut-grabbing onslaught of Bummer, Saturday will be the place to be. It will be a perfect chance to catch some music and support some local (and not so local) musicians.

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