Record Store Day is A Month Away

In case you missed it, Record Store Day announced their official list yesterday, and it’s packed with exclusive releases, first time on wax presses, and special editions of some powerhouses. That’s to be expected. Entering its tenth year, Record Store Day is doing up their biannual (Black Friday counts too!) with some of the most genre-spanning releases to date. So without further ado, here are some Record Store Day titles I am particularly excited about.

First and foremost is Moondog‘s self-titled album. Louis Hardin, the man behind the Viking of 6th avenue, was an avant-garde composer whose minimalist orchestrations on invented instruments influenced musicians from Philip Glass to T. Rex, from Janis Joplin to the Rugrats theme. And not without reason. Moondog’s orchestrations are complex and playful, dramatic and lighthearted. Listening to any of the tracks on Moondog will send you on an aural adventure. This gem, which hasn’t been pressed in over a decade, will be housed on white vinyl.

In a completely different but equally epic vein, Coheed & Cambria‘s Good Apollo I’m Burning Star IV Volume One: From Free Through The Eyes of Madness will be pressed for the first time on wax. This the band’s third album catapulted them from nerdy prog-rockers to veritable guitar gods. Listening to “Welcome Home” over ten years after its initial release, its intro riff and solos still burn white hot, and the bluesy final track is weirder and wilder than anything else in the music scene today. If you haven’t listened to Good Apollo I’m Burning Star IV lately, do yourself a favor and do it and then add this title to your Record Store Day list.

But not everything will be obscure composers and dude rockstars. Sia‘s Spotify Sessions will also be hitting the selves on April 22nd. The live, six track album does well to capture the unique and physical qualities of Sia’s voice, the qualities that give her songs such raw power. As the singer songwriter strains through the words of “Elastic Heart” and “Chandelier” the emotions ring true over the songs’ hook-filled pop. Sia is the type of artist who is able to write intensely catchy songs that have far more depth to them than her indie counterparts. Her Spotify Sessions will bring a tear to your eye and a boogie to your feet.

And if these releases don’t have you jonesing for that new vinyl sound, then peep the hundreds of other titles on the list. Record Store Day is not the only entity doing it up. Mills Record Company will have live music, fresh used records, and too much swag to list. So mark your calendars for April 22nd and hit up your favorite local record joint.

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