Psychic Heat, Bummer, Drugs & Attics, The Bad Ideas @ The Blind Tiger

Do you have plans tomorrow night? Change them. The Blind Tiger is hosting one of the best line ups of local bands I’ve ever seen. Fresh off recording and pressing a sick 7″ on Replay Records, Psychic Heat will celebrate the release with BUMMER, Drugs & Attics, and The Bad Ideas for a night of raucous riffs and delicious feedback.

Just off a mini summer tour and in the throes of recording a 12″ split with PINKO, BUMMER is indeed the James Brown of noise-laced music (without the domestic abuse, drugged out interviews, or police chases). Whether you know the bum-bum-boys from their 10″, SPANK, their track from Amplify KC Vol. 1, or from seeing them rip up stages from Kansas City to Louisville, there’s no denying the trio makes some of the grimiest riffs in the scene. Backing their heavy-hitting recorded material with a live show that constantly flirts with total meltdown, BUMMER whirls through their sets with an undeniable energy.

Less heavy than BUMMER but equally powerful, The Bad Ideas’ brand of sped-up and sloppy punk is the perfect antidote for late summer boredom. The band’s rolling guitars and blast beats provide the perfect track for their lyrics to drift associative down. With songs almost uniformly clocking in under the 2 minute mark, The Bad Ideas don’t waste time with pretense or conventions. Their get-in-get-out songwriting style injects a refreshing immediacy to their music–a feel that is exponentially increased when the quartet takes the stage.

Punk rock and Beatles worship have never come together so smoothly as they do when Drugs & Attics plucks their strings. The Kansas City trio burns through their pop structured tunes, leaving a noisy aftertaste in their wake. With all the infectious hooks of King Tuff and the flexibility to backflip between sincerity and irony, Drugs & Attics have that unspeakable quality that gives their music a draw, even to those who might not be fans of the genres the band floats between. Aesthetically, the band lands somewhere between dive-bar and sock-hop–a perfect mix to hear unfurl on record or on stage.


If you haven’t heard Psychic Heat’s Sunshower, you should remedy that immediately. One of my favorite releases this year of local or national acts, the album has remained on constant rotation since its late May release. And the band shows no sign of slowing down their onslaught of hits. Their latest 7″ (Stranger/Starve), out on Replay Records, stays within their established psych-pop aesthetic while finding new ways to reexamine the genre. Its 6 minute B-side, “Starve,” is prismatic and expansive. Part fuzz rock and part hazy love ballad, “Starve” shows a band unafraid of pushing their sound into new and surprising territory.

Catch these bands at The Blind Tiger on Friday. You’ll be so very glad you did.

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