New Years Eve Rocking Holy Cow Market

It’s that time of year–best of lists, holiday gifts exchanged, snow. Now, it’s time to usher out the burning tire heap that has been 2016 for 2017 with its fearsome political climate. But there is a reprieve from jumping from frying pan to fire: New Years Eve. This magical night is neither fully last year or next year–it is precisely a liminal space full of potential. Per usual, there are several events around Kansas City vying for your night. Some of those events are lavish, posh parties. And some of those events are concerts. One of the latter is Chokey, Microdoser, BUMMER, and Youth Pool at Holy Cow Market and Music.

BUMMER puts out some of the heaviest, fastest hitting noise rock around Kansas City. Always great when the trio takes the stage, BUMMER will help anyone release their high anxiety and fearful tension for whats to come with brutal tracks. Coming off Spank with a split with PINKO, BUMMER shows no sign of slowing down. Heavier and larger than ever, the trio will tear into any eardrum and leave it ringing for more. If you’re a fan of noisy, riff driven music, then BUMMER is the perfect band to lead you into 2017.


From Denton, Chokey is sludgy pop with a queer doom edge. The duo occupies a space between Super Unison and Uzala–bridging the gap between turgid riffs and shredded vocals. Lush and unrelenting, Chokey combines elements to make music that has its cake and eats it too. Backing their recordings with dense and heavy shows, the Texas duo is sure to bring in the New Year with riffs on riffs on riffs. Perfect for fans of grimey rock, I guarantee Chokey will be your new favorite band.

Youth Pool moves differently than BUMMER or Chokey. Skirting the noisier ends of the sonic spectrum for ethereal dreampop, the Kansas City quartet makes pop music that is equal parts air and hook. Youth Pool is able to craft catchy songs from seemingly nowhere–layering enveloping rhythms with incendiary leads and muted vocals. While the band seems to have a more pop focused aesthetic, bits of noise hide in their hooks. And this noise is pushed further during live sets for a show that is as compelling as the recorded material from which it grows.

Castlevania II: Rock and Roll is Noise Pollution at Holy Cow Market and Music will undoubtedly be one of the best concerts for fans of riff driven music. As we move from one year to another, treat yourself by immersing your ears in a cleansing bath of distorted riffs and poppy hooks from: BUMMER, Chokey, Microdoser, and Youth Pool.

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