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There have been a slew of great 7″ that have been released recently. From Beastmaker‘s Black Sabbath-y sludge to GOGGS’ manic hardcore, from Phil Collins’ famous drum solo to Wolf Manhattan Project’s sleaze ridden trash funk, there’s no genre not represented in these little records.

Beastmaker is a Fresno three piece that makes dark and doomy metal that would cause paranoia in the dark lord himself. Their “You Must Sin” / “Eyes Are Watching” single is one of the best stoner metal releases I’ve heard in a minute. Thick without sacrificing movement, heavy without forgetting wicked solos, the 7″ boasts a considerable amount of talent for such a new band. While there is a distinct riffing on Black Sabbath’s sound, the band does a lot to update it, to add new textures and tensions to the tone that made metal. Combining the sick riffs with occult obsessed lyrics set on electric purple vinyl, there’s no way Beastmaker could be a bad addition to any collection.

GOGGS take heavy music in a different way. The band features Ty Segall and members of Ex-cult and Fuzz, so you know it will be a noise-filled masterpiece. The A side features an original, and the B side is an Iggy Pop cover. “She Got Harder” is lo-fi, noisy, and completely untamed. Squealing metallic guitars through some dissonance behind the vocals, which have the classic and over-confident feel of early hardcore. In short, this 7″ is a must for any fans of DIY, punk, Ty Segall, breathing, Fuzz, Ex-Cult, having fun, music, etc.

Yes, yes, Phil Collins is totally a guilty pleasure. And it’s much easier to listen to “In The Air Tonight” with the safety of headphones so no street cred is lost. That said, Collins’ arguably most famous track sounds as fresh today as it did in 1981–a feat that can’t be said for a lot of music released in that decade. So pick up this 7″ and turn the volume up high and shred the air drums.

Wolfmanhattan Project sounds like Lou Reed making a gritty punk album. The project features members of Sonic Youth, The Dirtbombs, Pussy Galore, The Gories, and Kid Congo Powers, and it sounds exactly like the type of music you would expect. Wolfmanhattan Project is the aural equivalent of a time machine that will only take you back to CBGB’s in the late 80s, which is one way to say it’s awesome. Its guitars are gritty and simple. Its percussion is driving despite their complexity. Its vocals growl through the mix. This 7″ promises great things for this Kid Congo and friends release.

These 7″ are just the tip of the ice-berg. Some offer glimpses to future albums; some offer tickets to the past. But all would make great additions to any collection.

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