Mothership, Hyborian, Custom Black, Orphans of Doom @ Riot Room

Tomorrow, Mothership will land at The Riot Room to unfurl its spacey metal. The band will be joined by local outfits: Hyborian, Custom Black, and Orphans of Doom for a night of smokey riffs and heavy percussion. If all enfolding doom is your jam, than The Riot Room on Monday will be the place to be.

Orphans of Doom are an instrumental metal band that refuses to be all minor or all major. Shifting tones within riffs gives their songs a tension that is subtle yet palpable. Their three song EP does well to showcase how¬†their music twists like a tentacle around their listeners’ ears. The band grinds through their parts with a tenacity that isn’t heard much in metal that exists in the lower bpm ranges. Truly, Orphans of Doom know that their power comes from a quiet energy that rests within their grooves.

Much in the same vein, Custom Black highlights the instrumental grind of classic doom to create undulating and heavy soundscapes. While the band riffs maximum, they are not a purely instrumental act. With vocals that find the nooks and crannies of the band’s grooves, Custom Black makes stoner rock that takes its influence equally from Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin for a hybrid sound. Lush with solos and chunky rhythms, the band’s music practically begs to diffuse from a PA.


If a band is associated with Kansas City’s The Company, there’s a great likelihood they rock. Hyborian continues to prove that this label is not a heavy Kansas City label but THE heavy Kansas City label. Riffing somewhere between Mastodon and TOOL, Hyborian’s riff-centric music is overlayed with hazy vocals that come together magnificently. Every track the band has put out hits with enough hardness to satisfy the riff beasts and enough hook to grab the staunchest opponent to metal.

Ending the night, Mothership will unleash their foundation shaking rock. Their riffs scream through their amps’ tubes, and their drums beat out the time with cymbal heavy patterns. Rumbling just north of southern rock, Mothership writes music that is firmly anchored to the world while it explores the highest reaches of doom metal. The band’s sound drones with an energy that refuses to hide in the darkest cracks of their riffs. Undoubtedly, Mothership will put on a show that will start the new year right.

Tomorrow’s show at The Riot Room will begin at 8pm and will feature some great heavy hitting metal bands. If you’re 21 or over and a fan of doom, this will be the concert to see. Custom Black, Orphans of Doom, Hyborian, and Mothership will rawk The Riot Room into oblivion.

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