Midcoast Takeover 2014 Lineup Announced

The long-awaited lineup for the 2014 Midcoast Takeover has been announced on the Takeover website this week. And by long-awaited, I mean it has been a month or so. But for us local music junkies, that can seem like an eternity.

Every year, the Midwest Music Foundation takes down a cavalcade of KC bands to prove the city’s worth at the nationally-coveted SXSW music festival. This unofficial SXSW showcase, hosted at Shangri-La on 6th Street, has gained a considerable amount of attention in past years. And possibly, this year will boast the most note-worthy lineup.

Featured acts such as Clairaudients, The Dead Girls, Maps for Travelers, Me Like Bees, Outsides, and We Are Voices will be headed to Austin in March. As well as several nationally (and possibly internationally) recognized area bands like the Beautiful Bodies, Radkey, the Architects, the Josh Berwanger Band, and Schwervon! will be in attendance as well. A banner year for Kansas City.

Here are a few videos from last year’s edition of the takeover:

Don’t forget to check out the fundraiser shows hosted over the next few weeks. The next one is Friday, January 25th at the Czar Bar.

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