A Look In The Local Bin: Record Store Day Edition

Record Store Day is on the horizon, and I have been writing a lot about some of the sick releases that will be found at Mills Record Company on Saturday. That said, the day isn’t just about records. Yes, it’s also about live music, bringing vinylphiles together, shopping local, coffee and donuts, and, most importantly, cassettes. That’s right tapes. And one of the coolest cassettes that will debut on Record Store Day is from the local label High Dive RecordsBelly Flop will feature the best the label has to offer–from The Whiffs to Bummer, from Empty Moon to Arc Flash. Believe me, you’ll want to snag one of these cassettes.

Why? you might ask. Here’s one reason: “Dude Baby.” From BUMMER‘s 10″, Spank, “Dude Baby” is riff fuel and head banging noise. Freshly on tour in support of their split with PINKO, BUMMER makes some of the heaviest hitting metal this side of the country. But more than that, the band puts on one of the most electrifying shows I’ve ever seen. “Dude Baby” (and Spank in general) is rough in the best ways–showing a band that has more energy than they know what to do with and the technical potential to keep it balanced. Spank is the perfect precursor to their split. Test it out on Belly Flop.

If metal isn’t your thing, then Arc Flash has your indie rock bases covered. Freshly pressed, the band’s album, Carbon Copy, is pure fun on wax. The single, “Earls,” is emblematic of that. With rolling riffs and catching as all get vocal melodies, “Earls” blasts through its beats with the type of feel that encapsulates summer. If you haven’t heard this space punk duo yet, check out this cassette (and then check them out when they play an in store on Record Store Day). You won’t be disappointed, I promise.


Psychic Heat‘s Sunshower was one of my favorite releases of 2016. The LFK band’s album sounds like the kind of music if Black Sabbath were flower children instead of riff monsters. The perfect mix of psychedelic fuzz, lyrical catch, and riffage, “Elixir” rocks even a year after its release. And the boys in Psychic Heat don’t stop. Shortly after Sunshower, the guys releases a 7″ on Replay Records that is every bit as wonderful as the songs on the album. Are you ready to find your new favorite band? Check out Psychic Heat.

But Belly Flop isn’t just about the big names. Featuring a lot of new and overlooked bands, the compilation will surprise you. One of those bands is Snacky. In the same vein as Chromadadata or Fuck Buttons, Snacky layers synths and beats to create groove-centric electro-funk. “Nugget,” the track on the album will get anyone through the rough patches.

All in all, this is a great compilation that shows the wide breadth of great music Kansas City’s local scene has to offer. Be sure to toss this cassette in your stash this Saturday.

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