LKxRR — Heavyweight Edition @ Granada

If you can’t wait until the new year to get your heavy on, look no further than Friday’s LKxRR at The Granada. Featuring an army of the heaviest riff-makers in the Kansas City and Lawrence area (Keef Mountain, Amenaza, Young Bull, Altered Beast, Inner Altar, and SavageLand), LKxRR will be a smorgasbord of rock and a showcase of all things metal.

Coming off their debut on The Company’s label, Keef Mountain takes all the heaviest aspects of The Sword and injects a bit of marijuana-laced wizadry to the mix. Keef Mountain rips from beginning to end–constantly backing the aggressive vocals with riffage that ranges from subtle to maximal. Incredibly lush even on stage (with 2 members), Keef Mountain rocks every set as though they have a full band behind them.

Amenaza overloads the low end with grimy, dirty, riffs and back-of-the-throat vocals for music that impales your ears with its noise-infested goodness. Taking all the gut-wrenching visceralness of The Acacia Strain and adding a touch of nuance to the riff-breakdown-riff structure, Amenaza makes metal that is overwhelmingly heavy and snarlingly aggressive–perfect for a night of metal at The Granada.

Young Bull’s sets are a whirlwind of energetic riffs and driving blast beats. Commanding the stage as though the members were world touring veterans, Young Bull absolutely destroys every live show they play. Back with recordings that match their live energy, the band proves rock will never die.

Altered Beast’s take on hardcore is fast, unrelenting, and rhythmically complex. Full of start and stop blast beats and tricky guitar patterns, Altered Beast knows the secret formula for making songs that are visceral without losing any touch of nuance. With sets that envelope the audience like a circle pit, Altered Beast always delivers a great show.

Inner Altar is sludgy and heavy. Inner Altar is ethereal and delicate. Inner Altar creates some of the most proggy doom metal in the area. Baroque at points and epically straightforward at others, this Kansas City band does well to intersperse riff driven songs with incendiary solos and intricate interludes. Seeing them recreate the sounds on their tapes will undoubtedly be a treat.

SavageLand is metal at its purest. Energetic and imagistic, SavageLand knows how to strike a balance between powerful metalcore riffs and classic metal tones–creating songs that are high-octane and incredibly fun. Make no mistake, SavageLand is a band that can pull the sickest riffs from the abyss of feedback, and seeing them do it on stage will be nothing but spectacular.


If you love all things metal, then LKxRR will be the concert for you. Keef Mountain, young Bull, Amenaza, SavageLand, Altered Beast, and Inner Altar represent some of the heaviest bands in the Kansas City/Lawrence area. This concert will be a great way to end 2016.

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