Live Tonight: Week of September 12th – September 18th: FOOTBALL EDITION


KC Blackdeath Fest II at Aftershock

Friday (September 16th) and Saturday (September 17th)

blackdeath fest 2 flyer

Kansas City is home to the country’s newest and best underground extreme metal festival. Last year, at the Riot Room, was easily one of the best weekends of the entire year.

Now, the festival has changed venues to the Aftershock in Merriam to accommodate an all ages lineup, but the list of bands still rivals any other festival of its type in the area. Whether it’s black metal, death metal or if you fancy a bit of grindcore, the KC Blackdeathfest is exactly what you need.

Each day starts at 5 PM with tickets $25 per night or $40 for a 2-day pass. Absolutely 100% the best way to spend your weekend. Hail Satan.




Monday, September 12th

Dee-1 with Dose at Riot Room 8 PM $12

Tuesday, September 13th

Marduk with Rotting Christ, Carach Angren, Necronomicon at Riot Room 7 PM $25

First things first – as of the writing of this column, Marduk has not entered the US because of visa issues. 95% sure they won’t be in KC for their show – rack another one up to the absolutely terrible issue of getting visas for touring bands outside of America. Either way, Rotting Christ is a legendary greek black metal band that more than enough makes up for Marduk, should they not play. Easily one of the best metal shows to hit the area in some time, regardless of who headlines.

Tegan and Sara with Shura at The Midland 7:30 PM $36

Chris Meck & The Guilty Birds with Weyward Sister, Mike Damron at recordBar 9 PM $8

Wednesday, September 14th

The Toasters with New Riddim, Boss Hooligan Soundsystem, Go Generation at Riot Room 8:30 PM $12

How many ska fans does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Four – one to change the lightbulb and three to PICK IT UP, PICK IT UP, PICK IT UP!

Danava with The Shrine, Youngblood Supercult, Merlin at Riot Room 10:30 PM $10

Expire with Knocked Loose, Conflicts, See It Through, Bridge Burner at Davey’s Uptown 7 PM $13

The Americans with Nicholas St. James at The Bottleneck 9 PM $9

Thursday, September 15th

The Hood Internet at The Bottleneck 9 PM $11

Cyndi Lauper with Charlie Musselwhite at Uptown Theater 8 PM $35

Swingin’ Utters with HipShot Killer at recordBar 9 PM $15

3Teeth with Razorwire Halo, Language Recovery at Riot Room 8 PM $15

Friday, September 16th

Bummer with Troller, Samantha Glass at miniBar 9:30 PM $5

Bayside with The Menzingers, Sorority Noise at The Granada 8 PM $21

Randy Bachman at Knucklehead’s 8:30 PM $35

Saturday, September 17th

Act of Defiance with Hatchet, Bleed the Victim at Riot Room 7 PM $15

Chrome Sparks with Roland Tings at recordBar 8 PM $15

Sunday, September 18th

Taking Back Sunday with You Blew It! at The Madrid Theatre 8 PM $35

Tycho at Uptown Theater 8 PM $25

Scar Symmetry with Arsis, Shattered Sun at Riot Room 7 PM $20










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