Live Tonight: Week of January 18th – January 24th: The Man Who Sold The World


It’s hard to believe that David Bowie left this plane of existence barely one week ago. He was always kind of one of those forces in life (bigger than just a person, bigger than most everything) that people just always assumed would be around forever. Be sure to properly mourn and remember his amazingness by watching his films and shows, listening to his massive discography (including his final album which was also his first #1 album in America!) and seeing a show in his honor. It’s what he’d want!


Monday, January 18th

Soopa Mooni Downz with Jet, Farout, Marty Notes, HighRisk at Riot Room 8 PM $5

Tuesday, January 19th

Hi-Key at Riot Room 9 PM $5

Wednesday, January 20th


Thursday, January 21st

1349 with Full Of Hell, Tombs, Nefirum at Riot Room 8 PM $15

It’s a brutal winter already – have we had any days with double-digit temperatures? It doesn’t seem like it. It’s about to get more brutal – 1349, one of Norway’s best black metal bands, returns to Kansas City and is guaranteeing one of the most chaotic and unforgettable shows of the year. Along are amazing hardcore noise punks Full of Hell, blackened metallers Tombs and KC local Satan worshippers Nefirum. Praise metal!

Friday, January 22nd

Yes You Are with High Up, Drugs + Attics at Riot Room 8 PM $5

Expo ’70 with Eric Hall at La Esquina Gallery 8 PM $FREE!

Eyes Of Iolite with Hossferatu, Inner Altar at Replay Lounge 10 PM $3

Whitey Morgan with Cody Jinks at The Granada 8 PM $20

Saturday, January 23rd

Jack’s Mannequin at The Granada 7 PM $SOLD OUT

Celebrating the 10th anniversary (or so) of their debut album Everything In Transit, Jack’s Mannequin is playing the album in its entirety at The Granada to a sold out crowd. Although the band just reunited for 2016, Jack’s Mannequin seems to be one of the more fondly remembered alternative groups from the mid-00s. Get your dancing shoes on.

WIDES with Gigantic, Jungle Behavior at Replay Lounge 10 PM $3

Candyland with Bobby Bohn, DJ Lektrik at Riot Room 8 PM $10

Sunday, January 24th

Exotype with Like Monroe, The Soiled Doves, Damned By The Pope at Riot Room 8 PM $10











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