Live Tonight: Week of August 3rd – August 9th: Rap Civil War Edition

rap civil war

The greatest internet event of 2015 has been happening over the past few days and it might’ve passed you by unless you’re on Twitter. Rapper Meek Mill (never heard of him? He’s dating Nicki Minaj) accused hip-hop superstar Drake of using a ghostwriter for all of his songs. Drake responded with two diss tracks (Charged Up and Back To Back) which threw down the gauntlet, and Meek Mill responded with a track (can’t even remember the name) that was so lame and weak that everybody has been making fun of him, even companies like Rosetta Stone and Brazzers have taken shots at the rapper. It’s captured the attention of the Twitterverse for a week now and shows no signs of stopping any time soon. While we wait for the savagery to blow over, here are some awesome shows coming in the first full week of August!

Monday, August 3rd

Cymbals Eat Guitars with See Through Dresses, The Author and The Illustrator at Record Bar 9:30 PM $12

Cymbals Eat Guitars haven’t even been a band for ten years but they’ve made a definite name for themselves in the indie rock scene. With a touch of shoegaze, punk and post-rock, CEG bring their infectious music to the Record Bar to get your week started right on Monday!

Tuesday, August 4th

Walk The Moon with Coin at Crossroads KC 8 PM $25

You haven’t been able to turn on any pop radio station this summer without hearing this band. “Shut Up and Dance” is one of the best pop tunes released this decade and the band has one of the most energetic live shows you’ll see. The perfect summer block party band!

Joell Ortiz at Riot Room 8 PM $15

Givers at Record Bar 9:30 PM $12

Wednesday, August 5th

Knockout Kid with The News Can Wait, Airport Novels at Riot Room 8 PM $5

Here’s your weekly dose of pop punk! Knockout Kid may be rooted in pop punk, but with their heavy riffs and harsh vocals put them in a league all their own! This show is on the patio stage at the Riot Room – perfect for a band like this!

Drag The River at Record Bar 9:30 PM $10

Phish at Starlight Theater 7:30 PM $65

Jake Miller at The Granada 8 PM $25

Thursday, August 6th

The Uglys at Riot Room 8:30 PM $7

Godzillionaire with Paper Buffalo, Father Orson at Replay Lounge 10 PM $3

Friday, August 7th

Fireworks with Weatherbox, Souvenirs, Dry Jacket at The Jackpot Saloon 7 PM $13

Allow me to gush for a second – I’ve been obsessed with Fireworks since I discovered them around the release of their 2nd album “Gospel.” It’s near-perfect indie/alternative rock written with infectious pop hooks and some of the best storytelling in music today. Their latest album “Oh, Common Life” is even better and Fireworks is one of the best little-known bands touring the states right now. If you miss this show – you are dead to me.

The Atlas Moth with Sisters Of, Vattnet Viskar at Riot Room 8 PM $12

Saturday, August 8th

BUMMER EP RELEASE SHOW! With CHASM! At Mills Record Company! 6:30 PM! $FREE!

You know em! You love em! Now come support our favorite boiz on their return home from tour and to pick up their brand new Ep “Spank”! It’s fantastic!

Charli XCX with Bleachers at Uptown Theater 7:30 PM $15

Rasputina at The Granada 8 PM $17

Sunday, August 9th

Civil Twilight at Record Bar 8 PM $15

Draft Week with Monster/Man, The Medicine Theory, The Mad Kings at Riot Room 8 PM $7












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