Kyle Ward Releases Video for “Replay” by Zendaya

Earlier today, locally based singer-songwriter Kyle Ward released a cover video for Zendaya’s Replay. Ward has spent the past few years perfecting the art of audio programming. Ward’s cover was recorded in his home and made possible by his incredible ability to create music. I got Ward to answer a few questions of mine regarding the video.

Why did you choose Replay?
I chose Replay mostly because I just love the song! It’s just a solid, well written pop song. I’m a big fan of songs with huge choruses, and after the first time hearing it I thought, “man, I think I could do something really cool with this!”. I’ve also never really done anything with a wobble bass before, so it gave me the chance to get really creative and experiment with more electronic/dubstep kinda stuff.

Where did you get inspiration for the video?
I shot the video with Andrew Shepherd; a hugely talented videographer here in KC. He and I had been wanting to work on something together for quite a while, so when I approached him about doing a video for the song we were instantly on the same page. When we got to talking about the video, we thought it would be really cool to do something very rustic and simple. I had never done anything like this before, so it was definitely a learning experience for me.

Funny story, the day we happened to shoot the video the weather was in the single digits! So for the first 2 hours of shooting we were freezing our tails off! At one point I couldn’t move my fingers. Lucky for us though it warmed up not much later on!

Any plans to do any more covers?
There are many more covers on the way! If everything goes as planned, I hope to be releasing a cover once a month!

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