Hello Goodbye: Introducing The New Editor, Jackson May

Being the blog editor for Mills Record Company has been a fantastic experience. Over the past few years, I’ve gotten to think about how albums come together and how they work, I’ve gotten well acquainted with Kansas City’s music scene (and made some pretty stellar friends in the process), and I’ve gotten to gush about all the music I love. In the fall, I will be leaving Kansas City, so I’d like to take this time to introduce the next blog editor–Jackson May.

Jackson is a concert aficionado. From New Found Glory to Vince Staples, from Deafheaven to Radiohead, Jackson has seen them all–and most more than once. His ability to capture the essence of a live show is second to none. Whether he’s at a small show at The Riot Room or a sold out concert at Sprint Center, Jackson can make anyone feel as though they had front row tickets. With tastes that range from Peelander-Z to The Philistines, Jackson’s interests have no bounds.

While it does make me sad to leave the blog, I’m happy Jackson will be taking over my spot–he’ll keep you all up to date on all the great concerts in Kansas City and all the great wax gracing the racks of your favorite record joint.

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