Halloween Gets Strange @ Mills Record Company

When Halloween falls on a Monday, it’s both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, the day itself gets short changed when it comes to trick or treating and adult guising and mumming. But on the other hand, the celebrations last all weekend. We’ve put out a show calendar leading up to Halloween. But the best party will be happening this Friday at Mills Record Company. Celebrating not only Halloween with Scruffy & The Janitors and Spirit Is The Spirit but also the vinyl release of the Stranger Things soundtrack, Friday at Mills Record Company will kick off the Halloween weekend just right.

The festivities will start at 5pm with a listening party for the Stranger Things soundtrack. There will be an Eggo bar, yes, and there will be standard and indie exclusive records to be purchased, yes. But more importantly, there will be a vinyl-centric Dungeons & Dragons campaign hosted by yours truly. Costumes aren’t required but highly recommended (plus, there will be a costume contest for $25 and a shirt). So come out early, slay some orcs, scarf some Eggos, and listen to the 80s inspired Stranger Things soundtrack.

After that, the music will start. The Halloween (ish) in store will feature the Lawrence psych-pop outfit Spirit is the Spirit and Kansas City garage trio Scruffy & The Janitors. Spirit is The Spirit patches together synthetic atmospherics with grooving bass lines and stunning vocal melodies to create wonderfully lush soundscapes that are as wooly and all enveloping as the best examples of drone and as succinct and taut as the best pop acts. The seamless combination of these two aesthetics makes for music that refuses to sit still and for a live show that is second to none. If you haven’t caught these guys doing their thing on stage, this Friday will be the perfect time to change that.

Scruffy & The Janitors eschews the smooth and swelling sound of Spirit is The Spirit for a bluesy garage rock onslaught. The Kansas City trio’s music is front loaded with distortion and twisted guitar leads. Energetic and unapologetic, Scruffy & The Janitors are the heirs to the neo-blues made popular by The White Stripes, The Black Keys, and The Vines. Yet rather than stay put in the melancholy of these examples, the band bends the genre restrictions to include a more dynamic emotional range to their songs. Mixing tones and vibes, Scruffy & The Janitors are an aural force to be reckoned with.

So whether you’re a fan of sci-fi Netflix originals, Eggo waffles, Dungeons & Dragons, smoothed-over psychedelic pop, or roughed-up garage rock, This Friday at Mills Record Company will be the place to be. The celebration starts at 5pm and goes to 9pm–the perfect way to kick off the evening. Come early, come in costume (did I mention there’s a costume contest), and enjoy the evening.

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